Admit it. We're all secretly automating just to get chicks


So I found this hilarious article. Although I have to admit the author is kind of a genius. No more tinder, no more flirting, just let Jarvee do it all for you, this is dating in 2019. The future is here.


I can attest to this. Having a lot of followers on my personal account has worked wonders for my dating game.

It’s also helped me sell growth services to single individuals who want to look more impressive on their Tinder profile by having a large Instagram following.


True, true. 13 char


I was just thinking about this haha. Have you noticed a difference in how people treat you after you gained a lot of followers?


of course. I matched with and had a date with a maxim swimsuit model while I was in Bali a few months ago. This would have likely never happened had I not had large following.


Welp time to become and influencer and move to bali I guess


it’s the dream :raised_hands:t2:

I wish I stayed longer but managing the timezone difference with the US was very difficult.


You’re telling me, I live in arizona, we live between timzones and dont change while everyone else in the US does… not fun.


Yeah it sounds amazing. I’m finishing my bachelors degree in two months. When I’m done I’ll have close to zero responsibilities and expenses at home, Bali is sounding more and more tempting by the day…


Tons of nomads there. In Canggu it’s like a small university where everyone is studying entrepreneurship. You walk into any cafe and it’s crowded with people working on their laptops running all sorts of remote businesses. It’s an awesome way to exchange ideas, network, and even get some clients for IG.


Yeah, being famous and/or rich gets you hella bitches, problem is they’re mostly gold diggers…


It’s definitely fun getting attention for a while :wink:


I do a dating service for my clients who want it… just targeting local women, its a numbers game. I leave the DM’ing to them as most people are not comfortable mass DM’ing compliments to whomever followed them back. Works like a charm though. My colleague in this IG game who has a nice looking automated IG account is absolutely rolling in it and bangs a few clients (or their secretaries if the clients are not attractive or are men) for good measure. I abstain.


Not sure if serious but same here. Although I need to look into offering other guys the service to up their tinder game. But that would mean competition :thinking:


Its a lot easier sliding into DMs for sure.


“Hey baby, can I have your ip number? I seem to have lost mine.”


Hi neighbor. I’m in downtown Phoenix :+1:t4:


fucking genius !


When I used my personal FB for business purposes, had 5000 friends, would post funny stuff a lot and got propositioned a few times a week… Some hot, some not…


I’m actually doing a case study. DMing same girls with two different accounts with the same pictures with a 2/3 month delay between the 2 accounts and see how the behaviour change. If some girls reject the first guy with 900 followers but not the second 30k followers. The result could sound obvious but it needs to be conducted in a proper way