Ads for IGTV - and running them for my first client

Hi there!

I created a corporate video for a district of big German City. The district office asked me to advertise the video they are going to upload in their IGTV. They are not going to give me login to their IG. Their budget is 750 including my service. (they added another 500 for youtube ads and service) I had some ideas but I am not sure if they would work well so please tell if they would work or not or better how you would do it.

  1. I use my FB Ads Manager,
  2. Create three different target groups by locations worldwide, whole city only the district
  3. create three different 15 sec story ads
    A. Teaser of the movie Maybe several teaser
    B. Something with blinking text: name of the district, check our video, the best district of the town support our video
    C. I will ask them to do a selfie video talking about how much love and time they had put into this video and ask the user for sharing it if they like it after watching it than pointing to the swipe up button.
  4. I will link all 9 ads with link to the IGTV video
  5. Run it right after the video is uploaded and check the cpc after a day and adjust budget and stop some of the ads that are not working

I know their location targeting is tough and probably expensive.

Their account has about 2K followers is also very limited to the location as they show mostly local events in their posts.

I found in another post in this forum that if I add the link to the IGTV as link clicked in ads manger it will open in the browser where users ar not logged in so I found this would this work to point to the IGTV in the app if I use this link? Or is this info old?

The IGTV has the option to show up as post in the normal feed. But when I wanted to run an ad directly on a IGTV post last year for one of my own accounts I couldnt. It looked like an IGTV post is not meant to be advertised. I this still the case? google only showed me the option to monetize IGTV but no info on how to run ads for your IGTVā€¦

So far all info I can provide if you have any questions on some details I missed please ask me otherwise I am really happy top hear from you and will share the results if you are interested!

What you would do in this case?