Adsense 15k visits 0$

Hello, I try to Monitize my Blog with Adsense I have monthly 15k visits, the site is 6 months online and 0 $ made… I have ads in the Header and in the articles.

Any idea what I can do better and why I do not make any money with Adsense?

If you are talking about politics, racism u other related topic that is against the tos of google you are going to get the lowest payout possible. Same happens on youtube videos. They demonitize them if you name Trump or Obama in them

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But that means big News Sites also cannot monitize with google…they also have news about Trump and so on…

What for example are good niches to post news about it?

Yeah because its probable that those new are already paid with cash from the political parties or can drag traffic that goes to other articles and consume ads there.
Every youtube channel that averages 300-500 usd per video and shares a video racist or political gets a payout of 10-20$ or demonetize.

There is big difference between news(ex and portal news…I’m not saying fake news, but news which drive higher CTR from social media will not going to help in AdSense…I see daily tons of spam, they just care about traffic(numbers), and not in authenticated article or not giving some real value to real users…Just BS, which want tons of stupid opinion from other people…such a kind of site is too many on internet, and that’s why big advertiser bann them initially…specially big media house who handle their fund will block such a site when they start their campaign…and you will get only penny advertiser, because they don’t know the quality of your traffic…

I will probably start a new site…and will not try to scale it because one day it will gonna die for sure…so create too many sites with new domain if you’ve LQ traffic…also if possible use different AdSense as well.

Did you use your website to register for Adsense? And failed? Or do you have an Adsense account and want to place ads on your site but fail?

@cuanp79 Nothing failed, my website is approved from Google for Adsense.

@YodaMaster I get all my traffic from Facebook

Then use new domain after every few months…Advertiser don’t target keywords they target user intent…If your page have many cloud/insurance type of keywords, or even your article is genuine then don’t think you’ll get higher CPC rate, because user will not see insurance type of ads, instead they will see app install ads/entertainment ads, because that’s what they are searching on Google everyday.

Where is your traffic coming from?

From facebook

In my experience, FB traffic hardly converts even if it is on topic. Also if it does happen to convert it pays almost nothing per click. If you were getting that traffic organically from a S.E would be a different situation. It has been a while since played with this but you might research a different source to monetize your blog and see if that helps.

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True, google, youtube, etc is verrrry left wing