Adult CPA Collaboration, link allowed for every social network

I’m looking for people who have traffic for Adult, the payment depends on the traffic you send and the total will be split 50% to 50%, who wants to contact me, I have a lot of people doing this, you are welcome.

Why do I need you?
I can go to Crak Revenue and take 100% of affiliate commissions


I agree with Mr.BTC

What do you offer?
Will you be sending them to a cpa offer or something else?
Are you able to create landing pages?
Do you have proof of earnings?
What kind of conversion rate do you get?

because smart-link in Crack is not allowing in fb or ig?:man_shrugging:t2:

i am still using some adult affiliates that still allow IG traffic for smart links

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so cloack them? :woman_facepalming:

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Hello, if you got contact with people who run onlyfans or any other PPV services, feel free to PM me. We are able to send tarffic without need of any Instagram access or onlyfans.

Thanks in advance


contact me in skype
ID: proxy unix

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yes pro only fans as i know i will verify at first before you get started, how did you do it.

I have been in contact with OP.
He explained that his only addition would be providing a smartlink and wanting 50% for this.
You can do this yourself with a cloaker.
OP is just a leech.

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Crak revenue can provide you smart link
lospallos also
whale cash
or bascily any ad network lol

dm me i know people at both and run an agency. dm me here or on ig @kelby.dishman

just sent message