Advertising a restaurant?

Hey, I have a client, he has 2 restaurants, and he wants me to advertise them through FB ads. As I understood the main option will be brand awareness and reach through Instagram right? Or there are some more options? Because I don’t understand how to calculate the conversion in a sense of bookings.


Here are some information on that topic:


Couldn’t you just track it through special offer codes or direct them to a trackable page???

what means offer code?

no you target via visit store, you must add adresse of restaurant, and u choose how much many mile u want your ads should be live

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Or offer something small free with a meal. For example free dessert or tea/coffee with your meal. The restaurant should still make profit even when giving away a small item for free and you can measure the success of your advertising in terms of restaurant footfall traffic (customers).

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following :grin:

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I would set up some type of giveaway. BREAKFAST for a year (**redeemable once per a week in fine print). Then, run some ads towards it. Give EVERYONE a discount code for 15% off after collecting their emails and then have them redeem in store. If they have a website with payment processor, try to sell them on a giftcard from the website.

I would go with a traffic campaign and optimize/pay by link clicks, of course targeting local people.