Advice for an affiliate program for our SaaS company

Hey fellow MPlers!

It has been 5 years since this community was one of the reasons I founded my first business. Now I am building another one using AI to generate tons of unique text articles for blogs, descriptions, paid ads, and many more (our users save 70% of the work usually involved with copywriting). You can read more in my journey here: [Journey] How we will build a company worth $1m+ USD in just 3 months and will conquer the world with an AI for text generation

We are going with a strong target for more growth. Conveniently, from building in public we have gained the eyes of some affiliate marketers who wanted to spread our software to their audiences.

We are currently setting up the system, but I am curious whether a few of you would have some advice on the following points:

  1. Which type of information and material does an affiliate marketer need to thrive? I am highly committed to offer everyone who joins us in building and distributing our software the best environment possible to do so.
  2. Any of you have a few words to say about using as a tracking platform?
  3. Would be great to get your feedback on our current standings:

I appreciate any time and any comment you have for the above points!

With love from Berlin,