Advice for banned facebook ad account?

has anyone ever goten their facebook user ad account back?

I got one of my ad accounts blocked for running a dumb ad.

I left it alone for 4 days when i came back my user was blocked with the message

“Your Advertising Access is Restricted • You’re no longer allowed to use Facebook Products to advertise. You can’t run ads, manage advertising assets or create new ad or business accounts.”

So i can’t advertise on facebook at all anymore.

I submitted a appeal and took the facebook ads blueprint course.
Then I talked to facebook support today. They were super unhelpful and pretty much told me they they couldnt do anything.

So has anyone ever gotten over this? And what advice do you have?
Thank you so much, This is super frustrating.

I have gotten ad accounts, business managers as well as facebook profile bans lifted.

I have heard that you will get it lifted if you’re not a repeat offender if you just contact support on a regular basis and send it for review. However timeline is a couple of months.

I’d look into getting another FB account if I were you.

Easier way to do it is if you have access to “concierge” support.

I have tried contacting them and they say they can’t do anything. How many days in a row did you message support they kept telling me the same thing.

I have another facebook account but i’m scared if i use my name on a credit card they will ban the new account. Is this something I should worry about?