Advice on Buying YT Channel

I need your advices!

I have the opportunity to buy a Youtube channel with over 130k Italian Sub and 24 Million Views in total and the channel has been inactive for 1 year.

The performing of the Last 5 Videos: 20k, 3k, 5k, 8k, 6k views.

The owner, after years of sacrifices, decided to throw this channel away and go to find a real job (which after 2 years still couldn’t find lol)
Even in his best time of the channel he was able to make 100€ max per month, due to his ignorance in the Internet Marketing (he just activated youtube monetization 2 days ago after a suggestion of a friend, he said before he was under some
agency and get pay less)

My question is:
-500 € is a good price for this type of channel?
-If I will buy the channel, will changing its name cause a shadowban from Youtube?
-Are the videos in the channel recommended to be deleted or made private? (I’m a whole lot)
-How long it’s gonna take for me to resurrect the channel? Do I have to post consistently?
-Log in the account from different IP, will raise a flag like on Instagram?

I need your help, Youtube Guru’s!
Thanks in advance