Advice on comeback: Blocked by Angry People in a Facebook Group

I’d manually built up a personal facebook account within my target niche by adding friends (4500+), and joining several groups (100+) within the niche. I tirelessly engaged with them and the groups, plus posted original content. This was going great for about 6 months until a post showed up in one of the groups where I got called out by another member. This particular person called me out because I accidentally tried to friend request them a few times and they were annoyed. (I had been adding several people a day from different groups in the niche, so I didn’t exactly keep track of my requests well)

So with this post being on the group, several “angry” people started looking into the authenticity of my account and persona that hand been built up. They noticed I had befriended several people within the niche and noted that + the 4000+ friends I had. I’d been using about 6 original photos of my sister that she allowed me to take to build up this profile (so no chance of google images search), and the only thing that was not real was the name. My niche related content, likes, comments, posts, etc were all authentic. Beyond the people being annoyed that I added them a lot, they said they would report me as spam to facebook and that is when the block happened. I’d given up on the account for several months (this was November 2016), when I realized facebook wanted me to verify using a Photo ID. I have a workaround for the ID now to upload so I think i’ll be okay to get the account unblocked.

My goal was to build up this personal account, invite friends to like the business fb page, and get them over to the business instagram too. It is a somewhat close-knit beauty related community, and I am worried that the reputation of this account is now tarnished since they’ve called me out as spam.

I am just trying to answer a few questions once I recover my account:

1. As damage control, I was thinking the best move would be to fb block everyone that commented/interacted with the post that called me out. (might be 80+ people, and hundreds more in the group) - Is there a way to mass block people?

2. Should I try to block everyone from the group and unjoin?

3. Should I change the name and photos on my account or try to change it somehow so it is not associated with that negative post?

4. I’d heard there is possibly a way to convert it to a fan page and combine it with another page? If I could have those 4500+ friends as likes/follows on my business page i’d be just as happy

My final goal after getting this dust settled is to achieve further business page growth using some techniques with MP.

Thanks for reading my long spiel :smile: Looking forward to hearing from the awesome minds here.

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Six months have passed. Why beat a dead horse - they’ve probably long forgotten about it, so why bring it back up & remind them? I’d move on as if nothing ever happened - perhaps tread lightly in that group or groups, or find new groups… but I wouldn’t bring it back up & make a big deal out of it.


Yeah I guess you’re right. I’m probably being a bit paranoid lol

I got into the account yesterday and it seems any of that talk has died down

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Agree with @trolling4dollars… fuck 'em…

Don’t even worry about them. But it sure wouldn’t hurt to create/buy some additional accounts so that you’re not putting all of your eggs in one basket.

Perhaps look at having 20 or so accounts in your beauty niche, each with somewhere between 800 and 3,000 friends each. That way you gain additional influence and can provide backup if necessary for your main account.

People on FB - those who want to call out spam accounts and the like - are fucking retards. Don’t waste time with them, play your own game, and move through the maze with stealth and purpose.

After all, it’s all a fucking stupid game…

Realistically, you’re not interested in these shitheads (in the beauty niche). You’re doing it for business purposes. Don’t lose sight of that!!!

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Thanks for the Good words. Got me wondering… If I had 20 accounts with 2000 friends each, what exactly would be the best use of those fb friends? I’ve essentially been plotting social media build-up as I develop an ios/android/web app that is in the niche. I have an online store currently (not the main goal), but it would be nice to generate a few sales. Do I shout out my app from these different accounts? Do I aim to get the friends to like my main business page? Just wanted to get ideas on approach. btw I haven’t used MP yet for facebook.

There’s a really good post by @Johnny that explains the various methodologies for exploiting FB these days…

💥 Complete List of Facebook Methods To Grow Your Business And Engagement

Whatever method/s you choose, you need to make sure you have a viable business strategy. It’s too easy to dump time and effort into a platform such as FB and see f*ck all return.

Your experience, in which a group of diehard FB muppets wants to report you, should inform your thinking.

One, albeit large, account on FB concentrates your risk. In my opinion you want to make sure you’re spreading your risk across multiple (at least 10 to 20) well developed accounts. If you do that, there’ll be no red flags raised and you won’t appear to be spamming. But if you’re clever about it, each of these accounts will contribute to your overarching objective/s.

Ultimately, with an app… you’re looking for traffic, downloads and presumably in-app purchases. So you need to think of what sort of content would interest people enough to divert their attention from the constant stream of horseshit they’re looking at on FB.

It’s a generalization, but people interested in beauty, particularly niche organic and natural beauty, tend to be vein, self-centered and largely ignorant. What would they like for free (clickbait) from you??? In exchange for their email address, could you prepare a (basic landing page) offering a report telling these braindead shitbags which stupid fucking celebrities wear particular makeup/cosmetic brands? Could you cobble together a video that reveals the truth about how beauty products are made?

I can’t answer these questions for you… but what I can say is that whatever horseshit you come up with, it’ll need to be steaming hot, smelly and sticky as hell for the dumb f*cks glued to their FB feed to jump across and consume it.