Advice on organic best practices?

Hey there mateys,

I have a business that I am doing social media marketing and growth for. And after much discussion about growing the accounts, it was decided that we aren’t going to move forward with doing any automation on this platform. Which is cool, I don’t mind.

The reason being is that we have a fairly flexible marketing budget to be used towards things like follower campaigns and such. I’ve been working on the sources and have found some great ones that are producing between 2-5% follow result rates. Also so far we’ve been consistently making ~25 tweets/week between media and regular, as well as monitoring specific keywords and engaging with all sorts of people in creative ways. The niche is an hourly job searching marketplace (not the easiest).

What I want to open up for discussion here is what best practices do you have to increase result rates, our end goal with this company’s Twitter will be to use it as a customer service and information platform.

  1. Content is King. Make infographics, use memes relatable to your industry, etc.
  2. Run story ads on IG with good call to actions
  3. Use call to actions in Posts
  4. Always have story content posts
  5. Utilize ALL of Instagram’s features (IGTV, IG Live, Stickers, Polls, Carousel Posts, etc.)
  6. Reach out AND Respond to DM’s
  7. Make a theme on your account and stick with it. Make your account look clean.
  8. Use hashtags that make sense for the size of account you have
  9. Collaborate with other accounts in your niche OR with accounts where your end user hangs out.
  10. Test shit. Ask your audience what they want. If you aren’t growing, change your strategy. You are going to be WRONG alot. Don’t let your ego get in the way of changing shit up.

fml didn’t realize this was for twitter. My bad. Take what you can from the above because it still applies to twitter.


Word brother. Thank you! I definitely have a decent sized snowball going on this account.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of consistency and critical mass, isn’t it? lol