Advice on purchasing this IG account (Insights inside)

Hi Everyone -

I am considering purcashing an IG account with about 38k followers. The engagement is pretty good at around 5%. I did read on hypeauditor that the quality of audience is “very good”, but that F/U method was detected.

One of the things that concerns me is the lack of reach on Hashtags in the insights they shared with me. I literally don’t even see hashtags in the categories listed under Impressions. Further, the account’s posts do not even rank in their own branded hashtag which only has about 13k posts.

Aside from that the reach appears amazing on the surface (hitting 93% accounts that weren’t already following in one post). Most of the impressions are coming from the “Other” category though and I have no idra what that could mean. It has me a bit skeptical though, I’d much rather see Hashtag reach.

Would anyone here advise for or against purchasing this account at a reasonable price? Should the concern about lack of hashtag reach be brought up? How is this account growing so high from the “Other” impressions catgeroies?

Any help would be much appreciated

When were these Posts posted? These Insights may be from older posts, also I would see if the account owner can post with or without hashtags to see the engagement and compare.

If the results look good in your favor then go for it.

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These were posts over the last three days. He used about 15 hashtags in each post. None of them are ranked, not even in the smaller hashtags despite the posts having high engagement and likes and the account having 38k. Not sure why that is

My idea of the ‘Other’ section is Instagram way of telling you it did not track the source of the traffic so it bundles it all together, but I could be wrong.

It could be he is using some bad hashtags as well? or the account ranks then is pushed to the side by other accounts.

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Possibly, but that wouldn’t explain the weird fact that he doesn’t rank in his own brand hashtag, which has hardly any posts in it. These weak and small accounts are ranked in the top 9 and his 38k follower account is not. I can’t wrap my head around that one

It is odd, I can always see my insights for Hashtags but not for explore sometimes. Are they using DM Groups, Shoutouts, Telegram or any Power Services?

No idea. I dont think I will buy this account though… something just seems off and I don’t like that

Yeah better to be safe than sorry. If it doesn’t look like something your familiar with you shouldn’t do it. ESPECIALLY if you’re buying it.

Other is indeed the collection of other traffic that can’t be assigned to one of the on-platform components (e.g. home, hashtag, explore,…).

Whatever’s left is probably view that came in through off-site traffic. So it’s likely that these posts were boosted using telegram groups or other traffic sources (might as well be organic pinterest for all we know).

Screw hashtags. What you need to see is last 3 posts – saves/shares/comments – then let us know. It matters first – ER looks good, and it hopefully will have great saves/comment amounts

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Buying accounts is always risky, because everything can be faked.
Everybody knows that fact

Probably a good idea if any dought better to move on and grow your own accounts :+1:

How is the price offer?