AdWork Media Has Arrived to MPSOCIAL!

We are a network that not only has it all, but makes it easy to use! Full of awesome tools like Content Lockers, Link Lockers, Product Lockers, Performance bonuses, Detailed Analytics, Fast & Friendly Support, and much much more!

As a Publisher of we guarantee to continuously make it easier to analyze your traffic stats and optimize important variables of your Content Locker and Direct Offer Links! Use our TRAFFIC GENIE to see how you can easily and quickly improve your conversions!

In case you haven’t heard of us yet, AdWork Media is an innovative Affiliate Network that features an easy to use, but advanced in-house platform. We have over 300 top converting campaigns (Incentive and Non-Incentive friendly) waiting for you including a huge selection of email submits, surveys, and downloads for US & International Traffic. We specialize in Gateway Content Locking and put you in full control with over 45 options, advanced reports, and split testing tools. Monetize any country! AdWork Media always provides awesome support, flawless tracking, & generous payouts. is the first Affiliate Network to introduce Product Locking Technologies! A product locker is an easy to use tool, that helps you profit from eBooks, downloads, guides, images, music, & more! Our hosted product lockers can be setup in minutes and will handle the entire checkout process once users have completed the required offer amount. Include video reviews, images, and other info to better sell your online goods!

Never before seen TOOLS:

  • **Content Locker Split Testing** (Test multiple designs with 1 code to see which converts best)
  • Gateway Impression Tracking / Top Page URL Tracking
  • **Country/Geo Heat Maps & Reports**
  • Daily Performance Email Report
  • **Traffic Genie**

Content Locking Split Testing & Optimizing
Since the introduction of our Gateway Split Tester, many of our publishers have been able to tweak their settings and fatten that monthly paycheck! Every variable from message text and theme to launch delay can significantly impact your earnings. Is your content locker optimized?

Built-In Monthly Performance Bonuses
We strongly believe in rewarding hard work, especially since this is a performance based industry the last time checked. Unlock bonuses each month to make your earnings even sweeter with as little as 25 leads per month. Activate the bonuses at your own leisure and take advantage of traffic bursts!

Overall Network Features?

  • Easy Payments by Check / PayPal / ACH / WIRE / WU / MG / PAYONEER
  • Built-In Monthly Performance Bonuses – Unlock Bonuses As You Earn Each Month
  • Top Offers That Convert
  • Exclusive Publisher Tools
  • Custom Tracking Platform
  • Friendly Support Available 7 Days Per Week
  • Flawless Tracking, Reporting, and Managing
  • Global Reach, Monetize Any Country

Are you already Content Locking? Give our platform a shot and see how your earnings compare to the competition. We think you will be quite surprised.

Not Content Locking Yet? Our easy to use Content Lockers can be up and running in minutes and are the perfect monetization solution for nearly any website. Outperform profits from PPC and display advertising.

Fast Approvals! Get signed up now and our approval team will process your application in record time!

New & Existing Users – Use promotion code: “MPSOCIAL” for a 2 Hour: 10% Bonus!


Welcome Dave and Dennis, I appreciate you took time to join the forum and open the thread here.
As I already mentioned 100 times, AdworkMedia is my favorite CPA network and I’ve been working with them for almost 5 years now. Amazing support, great offers and awesome tools. Highly recommended.


Is there a delay in payments for January?
I was expecting it by the end of February…

Is blackhat allowed ?

I’ll let Dave and Dennis answer this :slight_smile: @AdWorkMedia

No delays on our end, but since the month was shorter some of our partners that process our payments did have some delays! You should see your payment soon if you havent already!

While we do not allow Blackhat, we have very strong relationships with our advertisers and have great ways to convert blackhat methods into valid ones that our advertisers will accept! If you have a direct question or niche you want to run by us, just send us a support ticket on adwork and we will make sure whatever your niche/content is, that we can convert it into a promotion our advertisers will allow!

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Welcome to our forum. I have been one of your affiliate for 3 years and I have to say that you are one of the best CPA network out there.

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I received it last night, thank you.

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What is your definition of blackhat?

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Normally if YOU think its something that wouldn’t be accepted then most likely it is blackhat. Having said that, we encourage you to send us a support ticket directly and ask us so we can keep your methods private and see if we can tweak the campaign and make it acceptable to the advertisers!

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But you do know what we do here right?

Spamming social media etc…

I think you mean marketing on social media :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ohw yes ff course :wink:

Welcome guys!!!

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Theres ways to promote legitimately regardless of your method, just send in a support ticket on AdWork and our team will make sure your promotions are compliant!