Affiliate marketing beginners' friendly strategy?

Hello dear mpsocial all around the world,

I hope everyone is doing well and getting closer to their dreams.

Please allow me to briefly tell you about myself by the end of the post after my question just to be considerate towards people with limited time. I appreciate everyone taking the time to read my post. THANK YOU.

I’m going to embark on the affiliate marketing journey soon and I’m just trying to get my head around things so I can know what I’m going to do and actually go and do it.

My interest is in going into Clickbank with Google Ads or Bing Ads for a starter. I know about the general guidelines towards that approach but I kinda feel that it is a bit of grey area. Some people say that Google ads hate affiliate marketing other say it’s hard to build a website and promote Affiliate offers through that website while driving traffic to it using PPC.

My question is;

  1. What is in your opinion the best strategy that is beginner’s friendly to start in affiliate marketing that allows both learning while on the road as well as profits and successes early on even if it is minor wins or successes such as getting an early first sale … etc (I explain the thing with minor successes in the brief about me. I’m totally not looking for getting rich now scheme and I’m totally willing to put all the effort and time needed)

or put in other words, that have low failure rates?

if you recommend any other strategy other than the one I have in mind (ClickBank + PPC) please let me know about it and why it’s a better choice.

To explain myself better,

  • I’ve decided to set aside a small amount of money to invest in this cause my freelancing income started to be very unstable and a little bit unreliable especially with increasing demands of life with young kids. So I’m trying to make the transition from freelancing to Affiliate marketing in the shortest time possible.

*I don’t want to be starting with something that would just halt my progress and my learning curve from the start cause it was a bit advanced, to begin with. I’m open to all challenges but I’m trying to be smart and start with something that would actually allow me to further my knowledge and experience.

  1. Any recommended reads, courses or books to give me a boost in the affiliate arena?

P.S. I’ve for sure been reading, searching, listening and watching and collecting information but just would love to hear your recommendations. Also, I’m going to move into taking actions this week top

Brief about me:
I’ve been interested in starting my journey in the online business world in general and in the affiliate marketing specifically as a started. I’m not new to the online world since I’ve been freelancing for the past 5 years and my entire income throughout this period was solely made online. However, I wasn’t able to move myself to the next level. I was able to achieve minor successes here and there. Traveled for a while but was continuously facing limitations mostly financial. I have a small family of four with 2 young kids who I wish I can set a good example for.

I have a medical background since I have an MBChB and I’ve worked in the medical arena as an emergency doctor for a while before I quit everything and started to learn video editing and motion graphics and within a year I was able to generate some side income and after that one year I decided to embark on my traveling dreams and I did actually travel for 4 years with my family until I faced some hardships and calamities which knocked me down to the ground and I had to return back home and now I’m trying to build myself back up again but this time I intend to conquer all my fears, failures and shortcomings.

To be completely honest here I’m a work in progress. I’m trying to succeed online and trying to establish a solid business for my own while at the same trying to beat my flaws and errors. I’m gonna be completely vulnerable here and say that I used to think of myself as a quitter and as soft but those 4 years of travels taught me a lot and difficulties I’ve faced all alone shaped me into a different person. I want to prove to myself that I can succeed, that I’m not a quitter that I am consistent and that I am a doer, not a talker. That’s why I need your help here cause I just want to draw the lines and know what I’m going to achieve this to start to achieve minor successes towards the major successes. Cause I really think I need to create the references for my mind to go back and look at whenever it gets hard.

I’ve taught myself a lot of things. I’ve worked and still working on my mindset, my body, and my finances. I like to read books A LOT. I love running and I’m currently using it as a way to develop consistency into my system preparing to run a full marathon next February. BUT as I’ve stated earlier I consider myself a work in progress and I consider life is the greatest school ever and that one actually dies once they stop learning and developing.

If you have made it to this point of

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