After Account Creation

I have heard multiple people telling me to wait 1 week after Instagram account creation and have
3 questions.

  1. Is it true?
  2. How long should I wait until logging in and using them ?
  3. Why do I need to wait? Is that not very unlike for a human to do.
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I wait a day. Then add to proxy.

The account quality is the main factor. If its created well. Then it will warm up well. If made bad it may potentially be disabled no matter what happens.

That’s much shorter then the recommended 1 week I have read about. Would you suggest to use an “Instagram account creator” with Fingerprint option etc.? I have one but all the accounts die so fast, it is unbelievable.

1 week is way too much, you can log into the account 12-24 hours after creation if anything happens that means the account was not created correctly, make sure to use good emails/phone numbers and proxies.