After entering Verification Code in JV logged out again

Hey guys,

I opened embedded browser and entered the vc which I get via Mail. After entering every time I get logged out? Can someone help in this case?


having the same issue, subscribing to this thread

Anyone have a solution about the fact that I’m entering the code and Instagram keeps asking me for a code everyday?

Yes, Instagram is very annoying, lately.
The problem that I’ve found is that clients get on the app at the same time as you are working on it. Then, they’ll lie and say they weren’t on it.
This, in my opinion, creates a huge flag and Instagram will annoy you for up to 1 week with PVs.
Haven’t found a way around it. Just keep requesting PV and keep entering PV.
Done device resets, logging only on EB, only API, VP via phone only, PV via email only, combination. No luck. Will work fine for that day, and next day PV again. Even if no actions done that day. Even rested account for 5 days. No luck.

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