Aged, pva non pva, need help

hello guys,

i bought 5 aged insta accounts before, none of then were PVA and it as running smooth.

then this moment came when i changed the proxy for one of the account and it suddenly needs to be PVA.

i give my real phone number and i just didnt get the verif code.

so my question is, would it be better for me to buy PVA account next time and what should i do to be able using my account again?


When you tried to verify the account using your real phone number, did you use your country code as well? if you did and you didn’t receive any code wait for 1 - 2 days and try again.

I always get aged non pva accounts and use real sim cards to verify them when they ask for PVA.

IG might be messing with you too :stuck_out_tongue: :

tldr: it seems random, just keep trying until you get that SMS…

personally I think buying PVA makes not much sense for IG, verify by own SIMs should be best.

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I’m curious for the purposes of Facebook, which may be different, but experiences from IG would be helpful too.
If I have Non-PVA accounts, should I only just do phone verification when I hit a verification checkpoint? Or does it strengthen the account to add a mobile verification to it myself? Please note I would only be verifying through cheap online services like SMSPVA, not own SIMs.