Aged PVA still getting phone verificaiton


Recently I can’t figure out why I’m getting phone verification literally 48 hours later every time I buy aged PVAs now.

I follow this warm up and even use the slower version,

Is re PVA normal now ? All USA PVA also. 90-120 delays etc

Its not really out of the normal.
Think about it you bought aged accounts that I’m assuming have been most likely dormant since account creation and added them on a NEW proxy I’m assuming then started botting so its not that surprising. Thats why most people recommend Non-Pva because you will run into a phone verification eventually anyways.

I hear yea, it makes sense to me also but everyone just seems to be on this aged PVA bandwagon. I will start buying non pvas :slight_smile:

Keep in mind aged pva are still great because it allows you to warm up to higher settings much faster, most non-pva accounts you buy will be less than a month old so it will need warmed up a little longer and slower settings.

To me it is always about the age of the account. If given the choice I would prefer a non-PVA, but between a 6 months non-pva and a 12 month pva I would always take the older one.

It also depends on where you get the accounts from. If you are getting them from one of the bulk Russian providers you can be 99.99% sure the numbers used are also from a bulk service which by now might’ve been banned. If you are getting accounts from someone you know took the time to make them legit-looking, that’s a different story.

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Here’s the deal…I think that most people here are so uptight, that they are freaking out over a simple PVA. If you get one when you add to MP, it’s fine. If you get them within the first month (at anytime) it’s also fine. If you get them more than 2 times the first month, that’s bad… MMmmkay?

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Problem is I get bans 75% of the time after a simple PVA. There is honestly 0 pattern. I’m chalking it up to the provider using crap proxies. Has anyone tried creating russian accounts/proxies + russian sims PVA “seems easier to find” ?

10/10 I would stay away from anything Russian.

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im learning my lessons

People on the forum:

“Oh Hai, I buy 40 accounts from russian guy, I add 25 to one 10 cent proxy and follaw 2,000 per day, why I ban all day?”

LOL, geez people…

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No I’m talking about creating my own accounts, from russian proxies + russian PVA.

I guess he was referring to that as well as Instagram might be very strict on accounts getting created using russian IPs compared to other IPs around the world.


It seems that a lot of scam accounts get made from russian IP’s, russian e-mails and russian SIMs, so yeah. I would think that they might be much more strict with any IG from russia, especially if you go the CPA route.

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