Agency- FB Business Manager - How best to manage multiple clients Ad Accounts

Hi guys,
Great forum. My first post here.

I run a small agency. Got several clients. More coming on-board.
On FB Business Manager, Whats the best way to manage multiple clients?

Some clients have added me (personally) as an editor.
Some have given access from their Business Manager acct to our agency BM acct.

It was ok when there were just 3-4 clients. But I want to get it better organized and consistent as we add more clients.

Is it ok have multiple Clients in one Ad Account?
What’s the recommended method?


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Im also wondering, how can you retain clients? Many of mine just leave after the month of work I provide for them, as all the ads are setup for them.

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I think that it’s better to keep your clients on your own ads manager. They can add you as editor or admin and then you can run ads from your facebook ads account, as you are already doing this for some of the clients. This way you have control of everything.


Yea, this is a problem.

Some ideas -

  • Give a price on condition that its for minimum 3 months, 6 months, etc.

  • Or, give a monthly price, and have an additional Set-up Fee for first month. This is reasonable because first month is where majority of work is. And,

  • Also, sign an agreement with a minimum notice period for termination. (these are hard to enforce if they break it and refuse to pay. But most people will honour it unless you have done way less than promised)

  • Build a good business relationship. Keep the communication going.

  • If they question effectiveness of campaign, highlight that it takes 2-3 months to test and tweak the ads to get proper results, which is the truth.

Would appreciate any other tips from others…

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