Agency refferal program? i have clients for you

Hey guys I have a few clients wanting to build up their IG brand im currently doing my own stuff ( not agency stuff )and have no time to run an agency and i was wondering what you guys would pay me for referrals ? im looking for a monthly referral not a 1 time referral. 1 client is in Real Estate he wants to build his account up and engagements his budget would be around $300-$500/ mo and i have another client a local restaurant let me know what you guys would be willing to pay for clients like these i can get more down the road if you have quality work and ofc you must be an absolute expert because my clients aren’t a dropshipping website

thanks and once again I apologize for my broken English and grammar lol

Hey Buddy,

Send me kindly PM with more details.

I am able to run IG ADs (I am Social Media Specialist at two agencies running ads and outsoutcing their clients) and also I am able to run automation with geo loacted reach.


I do:

  • Instagram Ads (highly targeted followers)
  • Child accounts
  • Giveaways / Shoutouts
  • Manual follow/unfollow
  • Laser Targeted followers
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Check your PM!

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