Agreement template for the sale of an instagram username?


I am buying an instagram handle that I am paying via escrow but for added security I’d love to ask the seller to Sign me a written agreement saying he is giving me his username.
Any chance that someone could share a template with me ?
Would be extremely grateful.



Why would you need a written agreement? Do you think you could legally enforce it if you wanted to?


In case he claims to instagram that I stole the account form him that he’s the original owner and that he wants it back.


that is a smart idea

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Well, it’s against instagram TO’s to sell accounts… not sure if the signed document will help you


So you recommend against buying accounts ? It’s not the accounts I’m actually buying it’s the username from someone who claimed it from me as a media partner.

I’m just saying that the signed contract will not help you. Regarding buying usernames, idk, I got scammed the first time I tried to buy one LOL

My recommendation; don’t pay with Bitcoins :joy:

If you do it, do it with PayPal and pay as goods and services, so in case he scams you, you can claim it to PayPal.


That is the smartest piece of advice I have heard in a while


I am actually using for the transaction. The seller seems very honest. He claimed a username for me (my first name) to instagram via his media partner relationship and got it. He DM’d me from the insta account to prove to me he owned it. The account is brand new and we are doing the transaction via escrow with a 3 day inspection period so ill have all the time i need to do all I want to secure the account. So that’s even safer than PayPal.

Like I said, what worries me is that he could make a claim to instagram later to say that I hacked his account and that he wants it back. It wouldn’t be hard to prove for him that he is the original owner since he will have the proof that he claimed it.

Any thoughts ?

Is he giving you the email address?

Also are you buying the whole account or just the username? Bc if you put the user name on your account, then it’s not his account, it’s your account and you just changed the name to something that was available when you were changing it.

This even happened to Facebook once when they didn’t renew their domain name and someone bought it in the meantime and Facebook had to buy it back for $$$.

You cant help it if he released his username and you scooped it up, right?

Also, did you approach him or did he approach you?

I’m buying the whole account, which is brand new. 0 followers and 0 posts since it was given to him directl by instagram.
Email is included but I’m putting the username on my own account which already has 250k followers.

I approached him. I was referred to him by someone i know who used him.

maybe you could work it out where he releases the name instead of giving you the account, then he might not have as strong a claim over it

Sounds like the same thing. He releases it or I release it. Same thing. Just a different IP addres.

It’s not the same thing. People are giving you a solid advice on how to do this smoothly and without over complicating things.

You have no use for the account and just want the username. Why are you making things more complicated than they should be?

Because the account that the username is for is verified. So if I change it myself am afraid to lose the badge. I will ask instagram to do the name change once I own the account.

Waste of time IMO…May be a deterrent but if they are going to scam you they are going to scam you document or not. I would just only buy from sellers on these forums

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Good point. Well I guess I’ll have to trust him. He looks like a serious person to do business with.

let us know how it goes!

Just so you know, I finally got the username. gave me a 3 days inspection period before releasing the money.
I accessed the original email of creation of the account. Changed the password, changed the recovery email, encrypted the mailbox, and set 2FA with my phone.
I then accessed the insta account, changed the email (although im the only one with access to the previous one too). Changed the password, and set 2FA here as well.
It seems now that this account is a fortress. Im also making sure to be active on it so instagram doesn’t thing its unused and doesn’t give it to anyone claiming it.

FYI, the name of the account is so popular that people try to reset the password all day hoping they will get in it! Im getting reset links by emails every hour lol. Im also overwhelmed with DMs asking me to sell the username.

Looks like everything will go smoothly from now on…