Airbnb Review Exchange

Is anyone in here doing Airbnb as a host for their place or as an experience host? I’ve rented out my place through there in the past, but have just started hosting experiences. Looking to see if anyone else would like to swap reviews or had any ideas on how to get a number of initial reviews. Thanks.


You can rent out your Airbnb to travel reviewers for a highly reduced price just to get reviews.

Use your skills and find “influencers” who are willing to do it for half off etc. my wife and I did this very successfully and in favor of the owner ( they recieved a private and professional review since we are in the industry, what to fix, what to add, what’s missing etc) you still make a profit, it’s a legit booking per Airbnb standards and you get reviews. Win win


What topic can’t you speak on?

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I used to rent apartments on Airbnb. I got my initial reviews by asking friends to book and write a review. I lowered the price to a minimum, I paid them the goods, they booked, never stayed in the apartment and wrote the review I sent them. Easy peasy… it will only cost you the Airbnb fees.

Make sure to keep communication via Airbnb, because also they hunt down fake bookings :blush:

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If you discount for “travel influencers” you can usually get a nice article about it or mentions etc on their social media. They are also a huge PITA. Trust me.


haha I can only imagine… “Would have given @wortime 's airbnb 5 stars, but the server farm with the hamster wheels connected to a power generator in the next room sort of kept us up all night…”


“I have 9,000 followers on IG, 600 on twitter and 400 FB friends. Why doesn’t this room come with free cocaine and champagne?”