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:it: Located in Italy, can be used worldwide with no issues.
:earth_americas: Our biggest clients are located in: Spain, Indonesia, Australia, United Kingdom, Turkey. The list goes on and on :world_map:

Take a look at one of our server rooms 👀



8̶7̶€̶ ̶p̶e̶r̶ ̶p̶r̶o̶x̶y - 75€/mo per proxy (1 proxy = 1 modem + 1 sim card) by signing up from this link (MPSocial exclusive!). The discounted pricing is applied automatically on your new account and is valid for all new purchases and renewals: SIGN UP



A 3-days trial can be purchased at 9.90€ by creating an account from this link.
The trial proxy can then be extended at 75€ if you want to keep it for another month.



  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • TikTok


We can remove any URL restriction on request!
(use case will be evaluated)
(available on selected carriers only)


The uptime is close to 100%.
The whole infrastructure is monitored with the help of Zabbix, which promptly alert us should any proxy goes down.


We have the four leading physical carriers (10m+ subscribers each) of Italy, no MVNOs.
You’ll receive a random proxy at each purchase.

  • Wind
  • Vodafone
  • Tre (H3G)
  • TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile)


  1. PayPal (instant delivery / renewal)

  2. Credit card (instant delivery / renewal)

  3. Wire transfer (manual delivery / renewal)

  4. BTC (manual delivery / renewal)


From the “Renew” page on the site: select all the proxies you wish to extend for another 30 days and pay with PayPal. The site will automatically extend the proxies you paid the extension for.

If you have multiple proxies expiring on different dates, you can equalize them all with the click of a button.


1. How does the custom rotation works?

You can choose a random interval in which you want the IP to be changed
IP can also be rotated manually when needed by pressing the “change now” button
You can use our API. We’ll give you a special link that will start the IP change process everytime you visit it

The rotation takes 7-15 seconds average, depending on the carrier.

2- What’s the best way to communicate with you?

By email info@airproxy.io or by Telegram (preferred) @airproxy.
I reply seven days a week.

3. How many accounts can I use per proxy?

There are no technical limitations on the number of accounts that can be connected on your proxy, it all comes down to your experience and how far you want to push it.

  • Are you experienced and can use 13-20 accounts per proxy? Go for it!
  • Want to stay on the safe side? I recommend 8-12 accounts per proxy with individual and different night modes for each account.

4. Do you have an affiliation program?

Yes, we pay 10% of each purchase your referred users make, up to 6 months of their account life. Example: the user you referred renew 1 proxy for 8 months, you get 8.70€ x 6 months.
No minimum payout amount. Commissions paid via PayPal.

You can find your affiliate link at the Dashboard page of your account.

5. Why should I choose you? There are cheaper providers

Sure there are :slight_smile: However we are not trying to be the cheapest, we want to be the best.

Here’s how we do it for the hardware side on both server rooms:
All our hardware is hosted in two separate server rooms. Each of the two server rooms has:

  • Air conditioning units set at 18°C 24/7
  • UPS
  • Symmetrical fiber connection
  • Access control, surveillance and ala

For the software side:

  • Custom made website
  • IMEI change at every IP change* to use all the available IPs on the carrier subnets *(for the needed operators only)
  • TTL, MTU, DNS and TCP/IP of a legit 4G connection
  • Android TCP/IP fingerprint (perfect for Jarvee!)
  • Custom anti-DDoS protection on all proxies
  • Zabbix monitoring solution. If a proxy is down, the AC stops working and a board overheats or anything else, we know it immediately.

Furthermore, we provide an invoice on each purchase so that you can deduct all the proxies expenses your agency makes.

Refund Policy:

We will refund your order if you used our product fairly and it just did not solve your problem.
This satisfaction guarantee is valid during the first 3 days from the moment of the purchase.
In the case of a refund, proxies for which the refund has been processed, will be removed from your account and you won’t be able to continue using them. The invoice related to your purchase will be voided/adjusted. Your account details will be preserved.

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Thread approved. Good luck with the sales!

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The best mobile proxies on the market with outstanding support! I use airproxies for over a year and I can recommend them to everyone. 10/10 :clap:

Keep it up Diego!


I can do nothing but recommend his proxies.

I’ve been using Diego’s proxies from the very first day and I’ve never had a single problem.

He answers fast and the proxies are the best on the market.

Do not hesitate and go for AirProxy if you don’t want to struggle anymore while looking for Mobile 4G proxies that really work.

Thanks a lot Kacper! Looking forward to working together for many more years to come :facepunch:

Actually you started using them way before day 1 :joy:
At that time I had 50 proxies in my garage and was giving them out for free a few months before going public (and moving the whole infrastructure in more appropriate places) to collect feedbacks and bug reports. Seems like a lifetime ago, good old days :slight_smile:

Thanks for having always been with me @bluster!

Sounds interesting :+1: What makes them “undetectable” compared to other 4G proxies?
Thanks :v:

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I’m not sure if that is a good idea. I hope the provider you are working with gave you the green light for such “modifications” and you are using IMEIs that you physically possess and not random/bogus ones as that could lead to some interesting side-effects :sweat_smile:

  • They have the same network fingerprint as some android phones (because dongles use android);
  • TTL matches “phone” value, like if the network packets were sent directly from the dongle/phone, not from the host behind;
  • We use DNS provided by ISP (some providers use other DNS, not the original ones provided by the ISP)
  • It’s an anonymous/elite proxy

Nevertheless some info from the client device can be used to detect proxy, so the client host have to be properly setup as well. If you use them on Jarvee it’s not something you need to take care of :slight_smile:

Right, it’s illegal in some countries, but not in Italy.
E.g. it is illegal in Russia. So to be in Russia and change IMEI legally the one have to travel to another country, change IMEI there, and come back :slight_smile:

Furthermore, aside from the legal side of the matter (which doesn’t affect us, being in Italy where it’s legal), we have business contracts with all the carriers.
All of them asked our use case before accepting us and we provided them papers explaining exactly what we do, who are our client types, how our infrastructure is made, our credit report etc. We got approved for our usage, so we are compliant both from a legal standpoint and an ISP one.

BTW we use only fixed TACs (Type Approval Code, 8 first IMEI digits) from specific Huawei devices to match the device manufacturer.

Hope this clear your doubts :slight_smile:

use them now a over a month or so. No issues, always up…so for all looking for some good proxies: search ended here :slight_smile:

Thank you so much @atnvisions! :facepunch:

BTW: we’ve gone sold-out, restocking in 24-72 hours.

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thats music in my ears! happy for you!

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Always so supportive @Hank9991, thank you so much!

:shopping_cart: RESTOCKED
We’ve just added 20 new proxies!


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Diego, can I get a trial?

Hi @HuntaeLa! We do only offer 3-days paid trials at 9.90€ for the moment.
Here’s the link: https://airproxy.io/en/#trial-pricing-section

Hi, i paid 87 euros by mistake, can u send the balance as a refund ?


Sure, please send me your username on airproxy via PM :slight_smile:

Really high quality proxy, you can’t find better for that price. I’ve used their proxy for months and never had a problem with them.
In addition Diego is really helpful guy and that mean you will have best customer service.
My vote is absolutely 10, I’m glad I started using their proxies :wink:


Best 4G proxies provider guys…
running over 200 ig clients account on them and they work’s flawless.
RECOMMENDED :star::star::star::star::star:

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Communication and proxies are great so far for social media management
4-8 acc per proxy

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