All 150 jarvee accounts filled up

Hey guys, what do you think I should do after having all the 150 jarvee places filled up with clients and accounts growing

Should I buy a new Laptop and download Jarvee again? How you guys do it when you have 1000-2000 clients?


Depends on the specs you have, but i never go above 300 accounts each instance.

You dont need to buy a new laptop, you can go for a server online



I have read you can also ask jarvee support for a bigger licence. Or go for gmt 2


You want quality and service? Stick to Jarvee. You want bad targeted followers and crappy software? Go for gmt :slight_smile:


haha good to know. so i dont need to think about it anymore. but it seems to work for some people.

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Why buy a new computer when you can just buy a server and access Jarvee from anywhere? Hetzner is cheap and great, they have a very strategic location and some special contacts that allows them to turn the prices down. Also contant Jarvee about a larger license, they have special ones for 250 and more accounts.


Yeah, you can opt for Hetzner as a VPS instead of buying a new laptop just to host these accounts.

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thank you bro!

I wouldn’t say crappy, works pretty well, it does what it is supposed to do, but yeah you still get what you pay for… Jarvee wayy better obviously :slight_smile:

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Yeah personally i would go down the VPS route over a laptop for sure. I’ve just purchased a server from planning on sorting that out tonight.

I’ll let you know how this runs compared to Hyonix (which i used for many months)

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Vps or even some old pc, decent cpu, lot’s of ram. You may find some good deals. Vps are good, and a must if you are a traveller, but old PCs or used one are a great choice too.


thanks! really excited

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i suppose it depends on how many accounts youre running currently i have 30 on my old VPS. Upping this to about 50 on the new one though. Well if its good enough!!

Why did you move from Hyonix? Been using it for a couple of months and haven’t seen any issue with it

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Hi mate,

Only reason was needing to upgrade / keep the price as low as possible. I can’t recommend hostrigger personally the CPU usage is way too high

Reason why it’s good to use a separate server is because running that many accounts will eat up ur internet. I had a bill from xfinity once for $200 . And they won’t wave it no matter how many times u call.

just get a VPS, much cheaper and easier to maintain than a new laptop.
I am currently using Hyonix VPS without any issues at all!

Hasn’t been mentioned yet, but Jarvee has customs plans that aren’t more expensive that extend all the way up 500 accounts.

I agree thought I likely won’t go over 250-300.

agree with others, VPS is the way to go, lots of advantages over running Jaree on home computer

I am currently using Jarvee, how is GMT2 different / worse?
Can I still target engaged followers? And do the basic F/U?
Is this a good / cheap alternative for tons of M/S accounts?