All about the acronyms

So I’ve noticed a lot of acronyms floating around here, particularly the IG forum and couldn’t find a guide that covered these ones so decided to make one:
All the Acronyms you keep forgetting or never learnt:

PV - Phone verification
EV - Email verification
DC - data centre proxy
EB - embedded browser
ER - Engagement rate
m/s - master/slave (or mother/slave)

Any I’ve missed?


You have forgot about most hot ones these days :smiley: :

AC - Account Compromissed
AB - Actions Blocked


There is always this one…

Thanks for sharing that. I guess I would have found that if the person who wrote that had used the word acronym instead of abbreviation…

I did a search for the word acronym and nothing turned up and obviously searching the forum for phone verification is going to turn up hundreds of results.

EC - Email Confirmation :slight_smile:

Here it goes !

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PVA - Phone Verified Account

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