All accounts on the phone blocked at the same time

Hey everyone,

All my accounts got blocked at the same time. It is extremely frustrating, since they are blocked for using third party services, which I have never used. My daily actions are not even more than 100/day and suddenly all my accounts on the phone were blocked for 7 days. Even my personal account which I do nothing on and is 8 years old got blocked.

So I want to ask if there is any way to prevent this or remove the block.
Would really appreciate any help regarding this matter.

Are you saying that you are running multiple IG accounts on your Phone at the same time?

I know its tempting to put many accounts on your phone and it is indeed what most people do as its convenient. But if you do any automation, you want to reduce the risk as much as possible. And having the shared device is an easy thing for ig algo to pick up. I’ve heard devices being blacklisted completely which basically renders all of your accounts getting blocked, even new good accounts if they end up on the device. Shadow banned and limping along as soon as you use them on the ‘blacklisted’ device. I’m not saying this is what happened to you but if you run any automation and do more stuff on your actual phone, then it could happen. Ig has an algo which tracks for spam and if you fall under the category it could suck.

You might want to remove all the accounts from your phone or get cheap throwaway phones to help you manage accs if it’s really necessary. But best to stick to EB on Jarvee for safety reasons if you do automation on them.

Yes I have 5 accounts on my phone including my personal. On 2 I just post and the other I’m just unfollowing, but not even 100/day

I haven’t done any automation. Never have. I am currently just manually unfollowing max. 100 per day with the ‘least interacted with’ feature. I just recently changed my phone like 1 week ago.
So really don’t know how Instagram action blocks all accounts at the same time for a week, saying I use third party services, which I never have…

There’s no way to remove a block like this. Be carefull with 5 accounts per device, many will tell you that 2-3 is already important. IG has clearly seen that you did tons of actions with those “connected” accounts.

this is very low though. I have some phones sharing accounts that do lowkey automation and are fine. So if its true what you say and that’s all you do you may have been handed a bad hand by ig algo gods :confused:

Edit: Make sure you are not logged in on some unauthorised automation app and maybe change all your passwords too. Again, it’s possible you were really unlucky but it seems unlikely this would happen only from the info you provided. Unless the new device you bought is known to be used by botters a lot, which could make it worse. Plus putting all the accs on the new phone at the same time is also not the best idea.

exactly :point_up_2: 5 accounts per device are too much these days, 2-3 accounts per device is the right number, I would recommend stopping everything that you do on those accounts then split them into 2 devices, if you still have your older phone it will be useful in this case, to me having 5 accounts on 5 4G proxies will make much more sense.