All action get blocked on android phone


hi. i get trouble. i cant post a pic. action blocked. its almost 7 days. at my android phone. im not login anywhere…i try to login with difference phone. but still not luck. action blocked. what should i do? thanks


Wait for the block to expire, then next time try to connect using 4g data from your sim card and not your home wifi especially if you will do many actions a day f/unf/like, good luck.


yeh let it rest for a longer time


if you tried to login on different device and it’s still blocked then it’s on account level and there is nothing you can do until it expires.


Stay on 4g I wouldn’t risk home connection even if my dog was dying and WiFi was the last option to keep him living.


temporary block until 12/9 but i still keep getting block


you get unblocked the day after expiration.


Hi all,

Got two clients with all actions blocked in Android, but no date is shown in the message. Any idea for how long it will last? happened to you? In the past we received some blocks for 4-7 days with a date in the message. (2 different accounts from 2 different clients)

Thanks Gracias