All Hashtags Gone Off Instagram Right Now?

As of now, all hashtags are gone from Instagram? I’ve checked this on multiple devices. Are you guys seeing this too? Locations still works. Think this is part of the new updates, or just a temporary issue?



The hasthags are OK. I confirm you.

Instagram and Facebook have been experiencing issues today. All over the news and Twitter.

They worked a few hours ago. Yes, I know Instagram is having issues. I’m just saying maybe this is why people who are able to use software right now are getting action blocks. Just a thought. There’s no hashtags to target right now…

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Mine aren’t working either, I checked from both my phones and on multiple accounts. Here is an example of what I’m talking about.

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During storm better option wait!!!

There are now massacre problems, so it’s better to wait :slight_smile:
Today everything works correctly

This definitely must have been during the Instagram outage yesterday. I have checked and I can confirm that all my hashtags are working correctly. @TMA Can you confirm if your hashtags are working again?

No issues with hashtags in central Europe, all fine. You can check current Instagram status on in relation to particular country (outage map).

Thanks - All hashtags back!

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Does anyone know what’s going on about it: the information in my posts is no longer showing up on the reach of the hashtags that I insert since one week ago, my last 5 photos no longer shows how many people were reached by the hashtags, and before that everyphoto did that, all the other photos has this information on it

This happened to me as well. Instead of hashtags it now shows explore

mine doesn’t even show the explore… what did you do to show yourself in explore?

It just did it automatically, maybe because a lot of followers interacted with the post so it showed it to other people that follow similar accounts to mine.

A lot of people have been experiencing issues with hashtag reach lately, so it might be an instagram glitch.

thank you very much, I’m more relaxed that more people are going through this, I thought it was something just with me because I researched and I didn’t find anything about it. I hope they fix this problem soon, thank you very much for answering me

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