All instagram unban forms or an appeal bot?

Does anyone have a link to all the appeal forms or know where I can get an appeal bot from? My 54k account got banned,I would appreciate the help

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At least read through the recent topics before posting :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Is this the most effective form though? I’ve tried this one and with you needing to send a picture of yourself it doesnt seem too efficient

Did they answer you and told you, you ain’t getting your account back or something, why it isn’t efficient.

I sent it 3 days ago and no response yet. I was just thinking the best way to get it back is to spam forms and with that one it’s harder to spam

Then what are you waiting for? Start spamming!

Or wait a minute.

Hit these guys up :

Thank me later!

Has that website worked for you?

Another 2 accounts unbanned today. Brilliant to wake up to!

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Looks like Instagram employees got off from their holidays :slight_smile:

Also we’re seeing some hard-ban lifts aswell.

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@Oskoro Just to confirm, yes the website still works for unbanning your accounts. :slight_smile: