All new client accounts get temp blocks - but not old clients resetup - patterns?

For new clients, I login and wait 2 days. Then setup with similar godlike settings. Very random intervals, EB only. Start with small amount of follows per day and increase.

The first day is fine and follow ~30 users. Then days after or two days, get temp blocks just attempting one follow. Though I’ve used these settings for older clients. Which I had on a break, not doing any actions and logged out of accounts completely. These accounts are able to get up to 150+ follows per day, including some unfollows.

Maybe about 25% of NEW clients are able to get up to 150 follows per day, but the rest of the NEW accounts don’t and get temp blocks, with browse embedded. When I apply the same warmup settings on OLD accounts, almost ALL of them go on to following upwards of 100-150+ per day.

I use mobile proxies which I don’t believe to be the problem. What could be the case? Or what are your warmup settings looking like for new client accounts?

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Checking in on this.

are you running any account with api?

They do some actions via API (scrape users to follow), but don’t complete actions through EB.