Almost 10k Followers on my IG account! woohoo!

I stepped away from IG marketing due to health and other concerns for a few months, but I’m climbing back in the saddle…

I had a look at my main IG account which I had left on it’s own, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is now at 9,949 followers.

My main interest reaching 10k followers has more to do with FB/IG allowing active links in IG “Stories” in your IG business account.

A real big surprise was that even though I hadn’t been maintaining my account, I was still getting a significant trickle of cash customers to the order of about $25-$50 per day… Go figure! :sunglasses: :joy:


I too only wanted 10k to put links in my story haha. Congrats! It definitely feels good to break 10k!


Kudos man! Must be a good feeling. I’m curious, when you mentioned the cash customers… you’re using some form of affiliates or just that’s what traffic amount instagram is bringing in for you?


TY for your comments @customlogovideos. I have a simple traditional marketing email list building funnel that I run from FB, IG, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, & G+.

I am a healer, psychic, & coach. This particular funnel is for my Psychic Tarot Card Reading practice. My “hook” is a free 10 minute session. I’ve always been interested in getting into affiliate marketing, but for some reason I’ve been a little frightened of it.

Maybe I should find some “psychic”, “coaching”, and/or “healing” products and services that I identify with in an affiliate program or network, and join it to just see how it works and learn about it from the inside.



well done buddy! host a giveaway for one of your paid products, and you’ll hit your 10k within a few hours hah.

To your continued success man, hope to see more growth coming your way this year.


TY for you comments @tripleyourtribe! :smile: You got me thinking what kind of “event” are you talking about? A FB or Youtube “Live Streaming Broadcast”? Or are you talking about a “contest”?



My pleasure. I was referring to a contest where you could gift a paid product to your audience in a post - depending on what you want to offer.

Tell them for example you’ll be giving away a 30 min tarot reading (Which is worth XXX$). You’ll be picking a random winner at midnight. To enter, they must tag a friend on this post (unlimited entries) + follow you.

Then you could use a service like where it selects a random comment on that particular post for the giveaway.

If you want to add some interactiveness to it, Record an instagram story as you pick the winner and shout them out live.

If you’d prefer doing a live streaming broadcast, you could position it as a reward for your all your followers when you hit the 10k mark. So you invite your followers to tag more people to follow you so they can get the livestream.



TY @tripleyourtribe Brilliant! amazing! I HAVE to talk to you more! LOL! :smiley:

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WOOHOO! Looked at the IG counter tonight and it displayed 10,009 Followers! Woohoo! Finally broke 10k…

Now that I can use active links in Stories it’s time to get serious using IG Stories for marketing etc…