Alternative for displaypurposes

Hey, I have been using “displaypurposes” as a hashtags searcher for the past year.
Lately i’m mostly looking for hashtags at specific language(Hebrew-Israel language) but displaypurposes isn’t supporting this language.
Does there any kind of alternative of how to find popular hashtags for my own specific language?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

If you’re okay with going on mobile [Android or iOS] and exporting hashtags from their to your MP:

Try leveraging a tool called Focal Mark []

It looks for vector similarities based on your particular selection. Here is a screenshot to give you an understanding. You pick a number of preset parameters:

And then you have your hashtags with the ability to choose a particular number, shuffle etc.
Hope this helps!

Does it work with Hebrew language as i mentioned in the thread :slight_smile: ?

You may be able to leverage the location based filter to your advantage there.
Note: I am not affiliated or in anyway responsible for the tool. It’s just something I have recommended to my clients and whats worked out for them! :slight_smile:

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thanks but not what i was expecting, Anyway will do make some tests with it :slight_smile:
What i’m looking for is a hashtag finder/generator wtih hebrew words, not enlgish words that israeli people searching


If I do find something specific I will PM you.
My apologies - most of my clients are North America and UK Based.

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I use Leetags (an app) sometimes for things like this. If you are able to find one hashtag that works then you can type that one in and it’ll generate 30 hashtags that are similar to that single hashtag’s target audience. This would require you to have one hashtag you’re confident in to work though.

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