Alternative to HypeAuditor for audience demography


I was wondering if someone came across any tool (free or paid or on subscription) which analyse audience demography of Instagram and other social platform accounts.

I am looking particularly for location (country) and main spoken language.

Ps. I know that these tools are not always accurate, but it’s fine with me.

Hype Auditor is great, but I would prefer something subscription based with unlimited amount of reports.


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Thanks, I know this one, but looking for something which provides more in depth stats.

hint: very soon :wink:


Can’t wait for it then!

Can you reveal how soon by a chance? (I don’t mind spoilers at all) :slight_smile:

I love you. And igblade.

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im using right now , why you say soon ?

He’s talking about audience analytics as an additional option to what the tool already does

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thats some new cool thing worth waiting for :star_struck:

@SheriffWoody you rock :facepunch:t6:

We’re working on it full steam, our AI should be ready in the coming weeks :wink:



Any new tool for audience demography besides hypeauditor, socialflame e igblade?