Alternative to Multilogin

Any better alternatives to Multilogin? Thanks…

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In on my mobile now, there are a few ,I find 3/5 alternative but haven’t test them yet. Multilogin is great but really expensive at least for me that j would use it only for convenience on some accounts. There are some Russian alternatives that I’m tempted to test, one that I tried(non Russian) wasn’t supporting ipv6 or auth which is required to me.
Will update with details when I’m at PC, hope you guys has some great alternative since I’m still lookign for it

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I’m also looking for an alternative to Multilogin. It used to work great (I need 8 different browsers running on 8 different proxies) but since their minimum fee of $99/month (!!!) was introduced, I had to ditch it. I can technically create multiples users on my VPS and then have two browsers per use and manually edit the proxy in each browser but that seems to be quite a bit of manual input and I’m hoping there is an easier way to do this through one single application (ideally for free).

Right now I’m looking at GoLogin and Firefox Multi-Account Containers but if anybody knows of others, please let me know.

I use kameleo, its great. And only $59 a month, and cheaper if you get 6 month, or annual plan. Well worth the money.

Still too expensive unfortunately. I found Ghostbrowser, which gives you three browsers with three different proxies for free (you have to pay for more). Let’s see how it goes.

Good luck.

It’s well worth it to me as it’s not hard to make back the money you paid for it in the same day. Mixed with a residential proxy, you can create unlimited accounts on any platform.

Gologinapp - Doesn’t save session, don’t use for IG . Available for all platforms. Decent price.
Kameleo - Only available for windows. Pricing is decent. Cheapest for unlimited profiles
Incognition - New software from BHW. Only available for windows. Cheapest for 20-50 profiles
Linkensphere - Available for all platforms., fast but you can only run it on one machine at a time. $100 per month.
Multiloginapp - Available for all platforms, plus you can run it from few computers simultaneously. Linux support and ability to run it on multiple computers at the same time is probably the one reason i’m still using it even if its expensive

Kameleo allows you to run it on multiple machines simultaneously as well! But is limited to windows and only accept a few different payment types.

Thanks for the feedback. I tried looking into a few different options (didn’t go for Ghostbrowser as it wasn’t actually free for minimal use) and found a free option that works quite well for me.

I combined Firefox’s Multiple Profiles add-on with the Container proxy add-on. This allows me to open separate profiles (“containers”) for individual cookies and run each profile/container with a designated proxy. This is working quite well for me at the moment to run 8 gmail accounts in parallel. I’m not 100% sure about the risk of the Container proxy add-on potentially jeopardizing my security by capturing sensitive information but it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

manually or automation.

Check out AdsPower or Linken Sphere.

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