Alternative to OG Ads Mobile Rewards


Just creating a quick thread to see if there is an alternative to OG Ads Mobile Rewards tool, as it is down at the moment. I have looked everywhere for alternatives like CPAGrip, cpalead but they don’t include an inbuilt rewards feature has to be done on your own site etc. Any help with this?


mmmm, not sure but maybe @Adnan knows an alternative.

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Have you checked Adworkmedia? They have product lockers, link lockers, content lockers… Maybe some of that stuff suits you.


Thanks for the mention

Thanks For the suggestions Yep just signed up for Adworkmedia getting reviewed thanks for the suggestion fingers crossed their rewards wall is better.

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You need to try this
this is the updated version of the reward locker

Have a great Day

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OMG Thanks so much Cr4ack! How long has this been out for? and why isn’t it displayed on the site? You are a saver! Shame got to make my reward walls again but worth it!

I think it is not displayed yet because they want to make it look perfect first.

It’s there for over a month now…

I wish you big success. :four_leaf_clover:

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Hey Cr4ck,

ah makes sense. Thank you I wish you big success too.
Also one more question, what is OGads thoughts on not providing what is promised in terms of game hacks etc. as well as with the reward wall, not providing rewards? I know everyone that is doing it doesn’t actually provide what they promise but is it just a shush thing don’t say anything and everyone ignores it?

Have a fab day btw.