Alternative to posting content all over!

Alternative to “posting”… Hey Gang, I see many of you use MP to post your 'STUFF"… all over the internet I’ve spoken to many of you… and I want to suggest another option that You’re probably not aware of.

Many of us that got into the space of Internet Marketing forgot about one of the most important things in sales and marketing… CREATING A RELATIONSHIP. ( I don’t post anything, except for original content in my own private group)

What better way to create and build a relationship than to actually have a LIVE conversation?

What if you could contact your target market, and ask them a question about them… and start a conversation? ( DON’T SPAM YOUR LINKS) What if they immediately interacted with that post and responded…?

Now you have “LIVE” conversation with someone that is in your target market. For online marketers… There is Almost nothing better!

Creating the relationships ON DEMAND with your target market!

Imagine doing that 5-10(or as many times a day as you want)

I have created $1000’s in revenue by using one little add-on tool the contact module. (I think it costs $15.00).

Automatically Software goes out and finds people in my target “groups”… friends them…adds them to my group. and sends them an “open ended” question by instant FB messanger (The trick is in having a good question that they are compelled to answer)

And when they respond… guess what… You’re in a LIVE conversation with someone in your target market, that is ACTIVE in that market and isn’t afraid to have a conversation!!

I made a vid if you want more … im me (see I’m starting conversations with my target market!! )

How cool is that?.. I’d love to hear how you guys are using it?

For me this is way better than posting a bunch of posts that no one ever reads? To me …this is the postless social media strategy.

Please don’t flame me about how posting stuff works. I know that it does… I just haven’t figured it out. But this absolutely works!

Go look at my accounts and look how many followers, group members, and friends that I have!

This software is the best social media automation software ever!

Cowboy Keith Jenkins


Great post @cowboykeith , thank you for the share, to be honest that’s exactly what we needed around here, some success stories about how to succeed with better techniques than “spam everything and hope it works”.

Unfortunately people are mostly attracted to “how I made $XX.XXX per month” in just 2 days ( exaggerating a little here, i know, but still, so many fall for that) instead of trying to find better ways to succeed long term.

Social media still has a lot to offer, and even though spamming seems to be the easy way to go, if you’d stay and consider all the effort involved you’d see there are far better way of going at it, just not that immediate.

PS, edited your post a little to be easier to read
PPS, if you wouldn’t mind sharing, I guess everyone would like to see the video, you can just share it here on the forum.

Thank you, exactly the strategy I was looking for. However —

Automatically Software goes out and finds people in my target “groups”… friends them…adds them to my group. and sends them an “open ended” question by instant FB messanger

I have not yet invested in the addon for mass planner. But in the sales pitch it does not mention “adds them to my group”

How do you accomplish this please?

You can do that with the invite tool.

im sorry, but what how you do that with MP? is there any tutorial?

Thanks Johnny,

I don’t really think that serious marketers are attracted to the “how I make $$$” any more… I think rookies and NOOBS are attracted to that but not any of us who have been around a while.

Anytime I’m approached with anything…The first question I ask is… How can I sell this… The 2nd question I ask is to the person that is “pitching me” ; “how are you selling this and how many have you sold?”

If Either of those questions go unanswered to my own satisfaction then it is not a good opportunity for me

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Here’s a link to the video that ya’all requested. There are actually 3 videos here.

1 Social media in general
2. My Anti-social media strategy
3. My explanation of the contact module


this is an older tutorial but it should give you a good idea of how to use it.