Am I actually on top hashtag?

Hi, so I posted a pretty good photo with hashtags and on some of them, the post got on the first top 9 photos. However, I went incognito on a browser to check and my post wasn’t in the top section but is shown at the circular story pic on the top left. So does this mean I’m shadowbanned and I only see that I’m top hashtag from my own account?

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can you give us a link to this post? I will gladly check it

try posting a new photo with hashtags, now go to icognito check one of hashtags in recent post, if your post doesnt appear you are shadowbanned

it is in recent posts

then you are not shadowbanned


There maybe different types of hashtag shadow ban. Recently, I had an account (after a few comment blocks but not 100% sure if that was the cause) where posts wouldn’t show up under top in any hashtags no matter how small but I could see under recent. No impressions from hashtags for about a month then everything went back to normal.

Top 9 posts in hashtags are personalised. Maybe not 100% but what you see there is at least slightly different from person to person.