Am I allowed to post the same Story on multiple Accounts?

Hey Guys I was wondering if it’s possible to post a collection of 10-15 videos on rotation (3-4 a day) as a story on multiple accounts without triggering any Detection.

Thanks in advance <3

If its more than 5 accounts and they are the exactly the same video I would say you may. It depends on how Ig sees the accounts.

Ie. If they are all created around the same time, on same sim network or similar IP then yes you will get linked.

But if it’s not done at the same time. The accounts vary in age and what actions they do. Then it may not.

I know guys that buy shoutouts and send out the same video to lots of accounts in the same day but these are big accounts that vary from each other. Also its not frequent.

Short story. If its on lots of slaves, then it probably will link

Just as long as they are not posted at the same time. You must not do this all the time. Also, make sure that accounts don’t have too many things in common. But it is best for the accounts posts different posts all the time.

If it’s on different proxies there won’t be any issue.

Are you ‘allowed’? Sure, you are allowed to do whatever haha. But it all comes down to your account trust score with IG. If you have a very good old and aged account(s) then this should be of no issue. If your accounts are already flagging up due to proxy/location/device/spam actions etc, then you probably don’t want to give IG another reason to PV/Captcha/shadowban you.

There’s no clear rules/lines out there, you need to sort of give your best pitch and hope it works and if it doesn’t then try more and harder.

For example, reposting the same picture using campaign is considered a bad practice, yet this is something I consistently get away with on my slaves as I do many other things right.

I know this is not the answer you were looking for haha. But it really depends.

you need to make sure that you don’t have a lot in common between those accounts and make sure to have different IP’s and if you can make a small alteration on the videos if would be helpful.