Am I Right or Wrong regarding keywords?

So, one bing support agent advises me to use short broad keywords like for example “weight loss” in broad, phrase and exact. Agent said I got 3-4 words in 1 set of keyword (long tail) and putting them in exact, a searcher must be able to type in these terms in the same exact position to trigger your ad.

And I said short and seed keywords in broad category will only drain my money while making me no money so I went for a bit long tail kws.

Am I right or wrong? And how long do I wait to see some results? I only got 1 impression after like 5 hrs the got approved.

5 hours isn’t a lot, give it at least 24-72 hours before making any judgements.

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exactly, 5 hours are nothing.

Yes fellas. Short broads sucks up money real fast.

But still I wonder why bing agents will give such wrong advice on keywords?

Bing agents are pretty much sales people, telling you to run boarder keywords will make you spend more money in a quicker way

Yes, give it a bit more time as has been said earlier