Am I shadow banned on Twitter?

Been following hundreds of people on Twitter but no follow-backs with Jarvee. Guess they caught me?

They have a notification ban where the people you follow will not get notified that you followed them. That’s the reason you have low follow-backs.

Unfortunately, there’s no solid solution to this problem. Other people rest the account for a few days and they say it’s helping sometimes.


Just to check, are you targeting the correct users in your niche? It could be that they are not interested in your niche (audience mismatch) that’s why they don’t follow back as well. And please make sure you have content on your TW account that can entice them to give the favor back.

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I don’t think it’s JV related, as kenshinemo06 said, they have that thing that they block when it comes to notification, no matter who you follow they don’t get notified instead of blocking the follow action they do that, give the account some rest and it should fix it.

This client is in a B2B marketing space, so I’m targeting marketing hashtags, etc

yeah so technically it’s JV related, because JV caused it!

Yeah, but you gotta be careful with Twitter as well. You can’t just put daily limits to 200-300 and expect it will all run smoothly.

How many follows do you do per day? If you follow hundreds users per day, you will get shadow ban even if you follow them manually.

I have been facing that issue many times even when no automation was involved that is why I said what I said above, resting the account was the key.

How long are you resting?

Yes, resting the account for few days should solve the shadow ban issue. Also don’t run follow/unfollow actions only. Diversify the actions to look like a normal user.

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My suspension is still lasting, even months after it has been raised. Although, that suspension was triggered by mentions and sending DMs.

Never had this happened to me. How many DMs did you send daily?

for my case over one month but i know users that were able to get rid of that in matter of days so I think it’s up to Twitter.

just go hit with the same thing, got an amazing follow back ratio and now I just dropped to almost nothing. how many days would you recommend cooling my Twitter account?