Am I targeting USA or USA?


I’m wondering if I target, let’s say, millionaire_mentor, their followers, and then I target with geo-location, the followers of millionaire_mentor who posted in USA.

My questions is: I follow only those who posted and their location is exactly USA or those who posted, for example, in New York and it’s inside USA?

If you geo target is set at USA you will follow people who used that specific geo location. But not anything used underneath (like new york, Washington, Wendy’s around the corner…)


Oh, okay, thank you, so I’ll need to target all the cities from my country, haha, thanks

yes, every single city, every single landmark, every single restaurant, uni, school, café is a separate geo location

(1) New York, (2)New York City (3) NYC, New York (4)Central Park, New York City, (5) Whole Foods, Central Park, NYC ….1 city will have 10,000s of locations that people may use.


@nocturnae @Instadog You’re telling us 2 different things :smiley:
What’s the right one?

actually we’re saying the exact same thing :wink:

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You’re right :slight_smile:
Did not read your first message properally

Is there a quick way to include the major location of english speaking countries or to target everyone in the usa, canada etc?

yep. Its a bummer tho, must compile a list of dozens, hundreds, or thousands of locations to get what you’re after.

I’ve targeted major geo locations, universities, major landmarks, national parks, concert halls, sports stadiums, etc…

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Oh my. This might come in handy to compile that list:


@tripleyourtribe handy if you have a smart scraping too that extracts links. Doing this manually would take a lifetime.

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Bumping this because I wonder how you followed by followers of target accounts (or any other source) and then filtered by geo location.

I know there’s a filter called “follow users who have at least one post with a caption containing any of the following words” but it doesn’t sound like it will respect the geo location of the post as it says caption.

So how can we achieve this specific double filtering without multiple scraping processes?

big up for the tittle ahaha

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