Am I the only one still using the Like Exchange?

Hi all,
I find myself feeling like I need to ask the question - are there many people still using the Like Exchange? Unfortunately I have quite a few clients that still demand likes to boost their engagement, and most of those have been pretty sad about its performance lately…

Basically none of the posts in the exchange are finishing, with most receiving 10-20 likes max per session. Are other people experiencing this also? I asked JV support about it but…well…that was kind of pointless, due to the stock standard response I received.

I still have 50-100 accounts putting likes in, and I have a 50k points balance yet I cant seem to get a fraction of that back :frowning_face:


I was trying the LE couple of days ago with attaching 10 accounts, but maan, it is impossible to pass even 5 likes total in a day. And I am using mobile proxies, so I doubt those are the problem for the blocks. If you let me know how to overcome this I would leave these 10 accounts to run

My accounts contribute >200 likes a day on DC proxies. Are you using a lot of intervals?

I have thousands of points that are seemingly going to waste. Not sure that this is even a thing anymore. Has anyone contacted Jarvee about this?

Yeah, more than 2 minutes between likes, but the thing is I cant place even one single like

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Randomness is key. Mix it up and make your intervals as random as possible… example:

run 8:12am -> 8:41am
run 9:12am -> 9:38am
run 9:55am -> 10:51am
run 11:09 -> 11:31am

I hope this helps.

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I can’t use LE anymore.

it works fine for me. getting 500 likes in 10 secession per post

cancelled our Premium subscription months ago, sad times, had 75k balance

I’m premium and i get like 7-9. per session… wtf…

Just throw an IG ad, to be honest. Real likes for cheap !


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I used to use it, but the disproportion between giving and receiving likes was just too much.

Can you post a screenshot of this? I’m very curious to know if there is a solid reason why it would work properly for some and not others!