AMA Instagram, Clients, & Automation

Hi Everyone

I have been a browser in this forum for quite a long time. I’ve seen mini-apocalypse of IG automation.

I have tried transition from automation -> manual -> automation over and over again. I had a Fiverr account level 2 with over 50 + orders consistently per month and 500+ completed orders, banned. And went back in again for round 2, and managed to get to the top and complete over 1000 orders & consistently get 100+ orders per month.

I have learnt a lot from this forum, and I have spoken with people that were genuine and nice.
So for this post, I want to give back. I like to think that I have extensive knowledge both on Instagram automation/ manual + Fiverr so feel free to ask me any questions.

I will answer as much question as I could, within reasons & my capability.

(Yes, in the near future I may open consultation server. Lastly, I added screenshots to prove my credentials/authority.



Is automation dead, and are you still using automation? If automation is still working, can you explain more about proxies, and randomizing your actions?

Nice work!

What kind of orders were you fulfilling with fiverr?

And do you have repeat business with diverse customers? Or one-offs?

Nice work, very inspiring!
I’m guessing you do Instagram related services on Fiverr and if so, do you do client management, posting, growth strategies?
Do you rely on Fiverr organic search traffic for orders or do you also drive traffic another way?
Last one, automation or manual?

Nice one! I love success stories! Why you got banned on fiverr?

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What are the key succeeses to get orders on Fiverr?

Yes, I am still using automation. I am doing a mixture of manual and automation. For long-term clients, I used automation and the latest clients manual growth. I use 4g mobile proxies, and yes, for each account the actions are random/different

I do Instagram related services from hashtags, consultation & follow/unfollow. 90% of the revenue was from f/uf. Majority of the time, you get one-off orders but I do have clients who’ve been with me for over 3 months - 1 year

Yes, I do everything but not posting as the profit margin is too low.
Organic, but I do use social media & marketplace platforms to promote my services


Fiverr is a crazy world. They are strict when it comes to rules. They have a three strike system, and if you voilated the rules more than 3 times, your account is banned.
Some rules;

  • Buying reviews
  • asking clients to provide positive reviews and many more

As cliche as it sounds. Communication & honesty.

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Hello Nieco! Thanks you for this thread. I have some questions for you.

  1. For all new clients that you get, you do only manual growth right? Is it because doing automation on new clients is not safe anymore?

1.1 For those which you do manual. How many follow/unfollow you do each month? Do you do only follow/unfollow, or other actions too?

  1. How do you bring best quality followers from your clients desired niche? Before you start growth, do you ask a question like “give me few accounts which followers are ideal for you” or something like this?

2.1 Also, when with manual you no longer can see followback ratio, how do you optimize your sources to leave only best performing ones?

  1. Is it all about follow/unfollow and the numers & quality of followers that you bring to your clients in order to have your customers for long-term and get them on recurring for months & years, or something more?

3.1 Maybe you include extra benefits like hashtags research, likes & comments in order to bring more engagement & growth for your clients and make them more satisfied?

  1. Your success formula in order to keep your clients long-term?

When saying that you combine automation with manual you mean you scrape followers using Jv for example and then take actions manually to follow/unfl and like them? Or you use a mix of both, as in you follow and unfollow manually on phones and also you’re doing story views and like comments(ie) in Jarvee for better results?

How do you price your services on Fiverr? I mean, must be hard to ask more than 150/200$ per month for only follow/unfl, especially on Fiverr where people do it for 30$ bucks…lol

How do you manage all of those manual actions on new clients? You said you don’t use automation on new orders – how do you do so?

  1. It is safe. However, it takes longer for it to work

1.1 Within the safe limits of 6k

  1. Yes, I ask them for their niche and accounts similar to them. I give them guidance e.g. find accounts with x engagement rate /etc

2.1 You scrape users beforehand. You just have to manually check it via spreadsheet

  1. Yes, and build relationships with them

3.1 Yes, I do likes as well. But not comments as it is too spammy.

  1. Communications & results. We are dealing with people. If you are arrogant/ignorant the client will run away like any other type of businesses.

No, I do not do both as that may cause more issues than not. It is either manual or automation

My monthly rate is at $150 per month I make it more or less depending on the competition/authority I have.

I have tried numerous providers, but also I have a team overseas e.g. philippines/indonesia

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Thanks for your answer mate!

My question is, how do you deal with action blocks?

For example I just started doing actions on one of my clients, and after ~15 follows i got “action blocked” notification. It was the first day once i started warming his account on manual actions, its really strange that it hit so fast!

What is also interesting is that after getting “action blocked” im still able to follow people, i mean i get the notification that action got blocked, but the follow went through, so how to explain this?

Log out and back again, see what status do you get when trying to follow. If it’s still blocked, try moving the account on another device

I tried to follow while action blocked and after 15 mins of trying the block got hard, and they say i will be able to use follow again only after 7 days or so… Really frustrating feeling, since i first started to do any actions with my client account today and after ~15 follows its blocked…

Hello thanks for sharing the knowledge.
you say you use 4 g ip, do you buy it or use from the phone ?
if buy do you mind share it ?
for 1 phone ip how many id i can use ?
want to back to the games :slight_smile:
thank you