AMA: TikTok Verification, Ads, Creator Marketplace

A little background about me:

  • $10MM+ ad spend (about 3MM on TikTok)
  • Primarily working with enterprise clients but do some smaller brands as well.
  • I also work on the ‘creator’ side helping celebrities, influencers, and brands with succeeding on TikTok, getting verified and connecting them directly with TikTok staff.
  • Dedicated account manager at TikTok
  • Access to both creator & advertiser side of the Creator Marketplace (with the ability to invite people)

I know most people here are focused on automation and the IM side of growing TikTok accounts but if you’re interested in what goes on behind the scenes, just ask me.


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What are the verification requirements for Tiktok?

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  • Verification on another platform (99% success)
  • Successful on TikTok + at least 1 other platform with minor press (90%)
  • Successful on another social platform but not TikTok with strong press (85%)
  • Celebrity that TikTok wants on their platform (100%)

There is a pretty small team that reviews verification requests. I’ve found it to be a pretty subjective process. I am able to call my account manager and discuss an account with him. It’s all about how you spin it to your contact and how persuasive you are.

In terms of ‘random’ verification, you won’t be considered unless you have a big TikTok account and one of the top 2 apply.

If you’re verified on IG, try DMing TikTok as that has worked for a few people before they became clients of mine.


I am verified on other platforms and have the same handle across the board, how do I reach out to them? is there a particular email?

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Either get enough followers that they check or find someone who will submit directly.

It’s similar to Instagram where even if you have enough press, you’re unlikely to get verified through the ‘application form’, you still need a submission.

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Great initiative for the thread! Looking forward to some good nuggets!

  1. what would you recommend to local food brands who are starting out on Tiktok? In terms of principles to go by, and top mistakes to avoid?

  2. what sort of ads stand out that perform better than the rest? Anything in particular that you recommend?

  1. Food brands are probably the only sector I haven’t worked in but the principles remain the same. Tikok was successful because it rewards authenticity. Create content that people can really connect with. Most people are bored of the ‘perfect insta life’ and are looking to understand what really goes on. Behind the scenes, funny stuff, and ‘home recipes’ might work better. I’d be happy to take a look at your page and give specific recommendations as well.

  2. If we’re talking about in-feed ads which is all that self-serve advertisers can access, create platform native contextual content. I just did a campaign for a major automotive manufacturer who took a TV commercial & resized it. Their ad agency thought it was the best thing ever but couldn’t figure out why it failed. My team came in and did a complete re-edit to make it feel far more real and genuine and it’s now one of the highest performing campaigns on the platform.

Equally, I’m working with a watch e-commerce company rn and they sent me preprepared creative (it was produced by a TikTok influencer). They mentioned as a side note that they included some behind the scenes footage. We edited together an ad including the BTS footage. So we showed ‘setting up the shot’ and then the actual shot. We ran that through black friday and achieved $4-ish cost per conversion (sale) on $300 watches.

I’m also willing to answer questions on brand takeovers, sponsored hashtags, and the other ‘big stuff’ but I doubt many people would find that useful. If you’ve got 50k to spare, it might be worthwhile.

I think I said this on another forum the other day, but any ad agency or influencer who tells you that TikTok ads or snapchat ads or any other new platform are really expensive:- it’s complete bs. All that means is they have no clue how to run a successful campaign.

My clients have included:-

  • Major car brand (top 5)
  • One of the big four music labels (got to meet some pretty cool people)
  • Leading pharma firm
  • and plenty of other enterprise and SME clients
  • I’ve also done a lot of talent-side work as well. I represented a number of key members of Whoopi Goldberg’s family and a range of other B-list celebs.

Please keep the questions coming, all my answers come from experience and insiders within TikTok leadership, there’s no speculation or guessing.



Please PM me @Putt.

If I’m verified on a different platform (Instagram for example). How do I submit my TikTok profile for verification?

Contact your Account Manager or Creator Support Rep if you have them. I don’t believe there’s any way to do it outside of an existing business relationship with TikTok.

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If you don’t have them, is there a way to get in touch with one?

contact me on tg : @fantasma55772 , we might have something in common