Amazing free streaming site


Just wanted to share this here as it’s kind of a miracle that it even exists.

No ads, no pop ups, great user interface, and they have just about every movie/show you can imagine. Not sure what the incentive is for those who run the site, maybe they are using people’s CPU’s to mine crypto in the background while they stream, maybe they just do it as a way of giving back to the world…


digging it already, sweet share!


Looks pretty good! The design is very modern and the interface is really user friendly!
I showed the site to my little brother immediately as he is on the way to become a movie director. He also likes it and he asks if you can change the language of the movie. I didnt see an option for that. Do you know @nomad?


hahaha thanks for this. I just canceled my netflix subscription


i hate netflix, the UI is horrendous, i feel like its intentionally designed to force you to wade through a bunch of garbage to find anything decent to watch. If you appreciate this share, please hit the like button. I’m on that hero’s journey to level 2…


possible ad

edit: but idc its nice :slight_smile:


not an ad, i have nothing to do with this site other than enjoying using it for free and just wanted to share that with yall. There is no monetization on the site whatsoever, not even ads.


but Q is how long will it last?


for as long as we believe…


this is the technique its doing

gather audience

when audience is big enable pop ups / ads


He’s more evil, enabled notifications, poor peps.


what happens when u enable?

Also hate to make this more illegal but any good sport streaming sites dm me . trying to watch MMA tonight :slight_smile:


loving it! thank you


im not buying it. its mining crypto in the background or something

@Bartholomeo any ideas what it can be doing?


not seems

He’s spamming/reselling audience


You just made my day mate! Any questions you ever have hit me up! This is an amazing share!!!


That site is great, if any of you guys are looking for a site that uploads tiny file size mp4 movies for mobile viewing (maybe streaming while in a bus or car) you should check out there catologue is amazing and the site has been online for atleast 6 years.

Normally it’s invite only but I believe it is open for registration now.


This sites down - know any more?


Thanks for the share!


Nice share, time to binge watch GOT