Amazing TIPS to get followers from a location!


The idea seems very good, this week I try it, thank you very much for sharing!


This is great tip!

What about locals that doesn’t have that much potential? I mean, smaller cities…


Honestly, this is not a good method, and there’s nothing that will guarantee you the followers will be from Paris in the case you mentioned.

There are much deep methods to get people from a location than taking the followers with less than 2k followers and interact with their followers. Can’t believe so many users here say its a great tip. Most probably they didn’t test it. And most probably you will notice you % of Parisians will be very low after a while.


Much appreciated for the shoutout @LordSW

Locations are pretty underrated at the moment. BUT… they only work in certain niches and markets. If your market is somewhat localized, you can knock it out of the park.

I would still use locations in combination with “regular” sources. One would give you the mass, the other one would give you the precision. Just locations typically does not provide enough mass.


Worst method to get local followers…
Can this please get deleted?


Interesting method, thanks!

Will have to test soon


I usually scrape followers from viral account at my town.

This works, but not that good.


Yes you maybe right at certain level. So then what do you recommend to do ?

This method was used mainly to avoid to get people from totally different country and to get the most accurate geolocation. Of couse it’s not guarantee at 100% and it needs trial. By the way did you try it before ? Seems like you did and you are not satisfied.


A lot of arguments behind it…i love it :slight_smile:

I like when people critize, but if you can contribute by giving a better idea, i will be the first one to listen. We are not in this beautiful forum to say this is bad or this is good. We are here to give something to each other. I tried my best and it is working for me. If you want to share your method please do so.


The idea lacks so much in logical thinking that I don’t feel like explaining more…


So much love and so much hate in this thread…
It’s an ok tip guys, kinda logical, it can work decently, is kinda basic, the first thing you do when you want localized follower you scrape local places in your nice and popular people in your zone and nice.
There may be better way? yes. This suck? no, it works better on some niche, bit worse in other.

Really don’t understand why you are so upset or so amazed :sweat_smile:


Then dont waste your time saying you don’t want to waste your time :slight_smile:

Peace !


1.- “Amazing tips to get followers from a location”
absolutely misleading title, you won’t get any followers with a certain location using the described method. If you do, show proof of % of Parisians for that particular acc you test it.

2.- To target users from a location you can use much deeper combinations of filters like:

2.1.- Geolocations that mostly locals go, plus female + male names from that country.
You can get the geolocations from here
*** For example, all the gyms locations in Paris + French male / female filter.**

2.2.- Use to filter by location + language

You will get this kind of result of accounts with a very high percentage of Parisians in them, that could be your starting point:

2.3.- Another method will be using very local hashtags as source (for example #9emearrondissement for the Paris case) and in filters use “User has at least one post with a caption containing any of the following words” and add there a huge list of the most common French words (so you will make sure your targets write in French)

I would recommend you to use an external scrapper for all of this hardcore filtering. Ofc you can mix all of these methods and get creative.



Good job on creating the guide, will def help you get to level 2 quicker…hopefully one day ill join you in there lol

But i’ve been doing this method for some time now and i get a mixed bag of results. Sometimes the users are targeted and in the same niche in the same city, sometimes the page is so large it attracts spam accounts and other ‘related niche pages’ so you end up having to filter them and eventually unfollow/ignore them. Overall I continue to use the strategy becuase it produces favorable results


I can also vouch for him providing excellent sources!
I wouldn’t worry about getting banned. Like one in every 5 of my posts is recommending someone here to level 1 members.


Thanks a lot for your ideas! I guess this title is no more misleading now, it will attract people and they will find your amazing inputs!


Thank you for this tip!


Yes, Lord, great contribution, everything very clear and direct


Nice! Will try this one


@Noirorion the location king himself, thanks again for the amazing help! :slight_smile: