Amazing TIPS to get followers from a location!

Hi Guys :raised_hand:

I’m sharing here a very key tip I tried recently fit of my customer and it really worked very well.

He only wanted followers from one country and even more from one city…:sweat_smile:

As you may experienced it, i think jarvee location tool sucks and never really got me what I expected!


Let’s take an example, you have a client in fitness. He wants only to target followers interested in fitness and living in Paris! Nothing else than Paris!

  1. First of all. Need to look for one French fitness coach account which are not really big. Less than 50k
  2. Obviously he need to be based in Paris!
  3. You will check very cautiously his list of followers and try to get an idea of his followers. Are they locals or only foreigners?
  4. Once you find the perfect account you will scrape his followers list and take only followers with less than 2000 followers…usual number of close network !
  5. You take this list and you put them all as a source for targeted account! Yes all of them! It can be a very long list!
  6. Set a poor quality removal ratio you need!
  7. Enjoy your local followers!

This is a great pick selection when you really need to target specific local followers! I’m telling you…it’s powerful like crazy!

Now try it and let me know…and help me out to get level 2 :sunglasses:


Interesting method to use the followers of the local “influencer” as sources :slight_smile:

Clever. Kudos mate.

I shall test this on one of my local fitness accounts


It’s actually perfect for local business such as fitness, agency, restaurant…:sunglasses:


@Duncan.Music might be good for your sorority research as well.


brooooo such a great idea!! GENIUS!!!

5 Likes is a pretty solid site to find some influencers :slight_smile:


looking forward to testing this.

thanks for sharing

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I tried it but to be true, they increased their prices and you need to pay for almost everything…


My pleasure :slight_smile:


Out of curiosity…might it not be an easier choice to simple search for people posting photos in a region and grab 1-2000 follower people there instead?

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sounds great! definitely will be trying out this method.
Another method I use is to find local influencers from the location and use them as sources.
Works kinda well for me as well

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The problem here is that those people are often in a total different niche. You’ll get extremely bad follow back ratios.

Like your idea @Mimo! Great work!

Have you tested this for a longer period of time? I found that when adding sources with less than 2k followers I get the “no followers found for this source” pretty early. Probably because they do not grow fast enough themselves. But if you add enough of those sources maybe :slight_smile:
Maybe also remove sources for whom the search takes too long then


There’s nothing to suggest that the followers of a person in a specific niche has an IG account that is also in that niche.

So if you’re using followers of a fitness influencer as a source. While I do see the possibility of some of those followers also having fitness specific channels it’ll be a dice roll as much as any other general source my opinion.

Granted I’ve never done a control test between the two so I don’t know for certain


Yes you should put a lot of souces lol…Probably 2000 :slight_smile:

I think it’s a good method and I use it. But I figured out it highly depends on the location. For example if the location is visited a lot by turist this method does not work - you get mostly turists instead of locals.

Another possibility is scraping geolocations (with follow tool) and use “must contain word” filters for bio filtering to determine niche.


Actually useful this :slight_smile: thanks mate.

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Nice tip!

You can also ask @MojoJojo to scrape you all the Gym related and fitness centers in Paris (even in an arrondissement of it) and target all the people locating themselves at the gym (fitness junkies love doing that), and you can also probably give a chance to their followers to be from the same tribe :slight_smile:

I mention @MojoJojo because I’ve worked with him successfully in a few cases, but I’m pretty sure most of you can do that by yourselves.

PS: I know it’s not a sales thread and I don’t get any referral from that, just bringing an alternate solution. Please moderate if it’s too edgy.


So edgy! I personally don’t see anything wrong with recommending what works.


Thank you for making it clear. I don’t want to be banned from this amazing place :slight_smile:

Talking about that, I really think the targeting via Geolocations is underrated by most of us (It’s a feeling based on the discussions). Geolocation Targeting is not massive but it’s incredibly precise.

Identify the locations of all the Vegan restaurants in Manhattan, and your targeting is going to be amazing (so will be your conversion rate, probably).

Of course, you won’t have millions of people to engage, but you will definitely have the right ones. When quality matters more than quantity (and it’s almost always the case), that kind of tactic is really a must try.


Look at who you’re talking to. And AFAIK mentioning what works/supplier is not against forum rules at all. People in level 1 need help too.

Anyone (regulars, level 2 or 3) can recommend whoever they want as far as I know.