Amazon affiliate? Is it good?

Everyone here is talking about CPA, but nobody is talking about straight forward affiliate marketing and i think amazon affiliate is the best example for that (correct me if i am wrong). So is anybody doing amazon or something like that?

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Test it and let us know! :wink:

No, Will test it on like 10/20 accounts when I have the time.

Here is an account what is doing Amazon Affiliate Offers

There are much better affiliate programs then Amazon’s. Commissions are just too low. Although, on other side, people do trust Amazon and buy there often.

Anyway, I would rather go with some other affiliate program with higher commissions.

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any examples you can give?

Depends on the niche. What are you interested in?

25K followers and only ~50 likes per post?
I’m not impressed…

What? The post was not to try and impress anyone it just to show an e.g. of how an account what is doing Amazon Affiliate Marketing on IG looks like, for anyone who was interested in doing it themselves or just curious.

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You didn’t get my point.
If you want to do amazon on IG, look at people that are already doing it (like the example) and see if they are having success…

From what I see, he has very little engagement.

If I were to do amazon, I would build a niche website for it. Lookup the many journey threads on BHW regarding amazon niche sites. It’s very interesting, but more of a SEO thing that a social networks thing.

I would do something similar I would have

One general IG account
Then many niche ones, tech,sports,makeup etc, but unsure on if I should just direct them to the Amazon Link straight away or to my website then amazon, I don’t see the point of sending them to my website first, am I missing something?

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You want to put an amazon affiliate link directly on your IG bio?

You need to use a cloaker, or at least a pre-landing page.

Wow, thank you for this great example!!)))
I found their website very helpfull

Hi @benny,
I’m just about to link an IG account to an Amazon Shop.
I never did that before, have no experience with this combination and didn’t really find any answer to my questions in the forum.

Could you please explain the following:

  • why not link directly from IG bio to amazon?
  • how do you proper do the linking?


That engagement is common among IG 100% dedicated to ecommerce or do you have an example that is exception to that?

Good example. How does he select the products? And how much does he get?