Amazon declares war on robots

Hello, I leave you a very interesting article.

They love to measure people, but not explicitly how to really grow and without investing in ADS.
How does a small and normal business account grow among the competition that exists?

They only talk about marketing for the big ones!


Interesting - for sure Amazon has as a big stake in AI as Facebook and can easily detect this stuff.

F/Unf os bad because of people feel the need to follow back obligation. BS to me​:joy::joy::joy:

It’s called take your product to potencial costumers

Great share @Juliannua.

The breakfast meetups seems like a good way to get in touch with local “influencers” in a genuine way.

I know a guy here in Montreal who started a breakfast club with other “influencers” and seems to be doing good and getting popular.

Now, a lot of people want to go to his meetups.

I see that as the most applicable method shared in the article for local and online businesses.