Amazon unlimated proxy

please i want ask you about amazon
if i creat proxy with amazon AWS
it will work for me
or ip from amazon are flaged
because when i see my ip in

they tell me your are from amazon
so what did you think about this ?

and if i can creat 1 proxy with 1 vps and i can creat unlimated vps ( i think ) so i can creat unlimated proxys yes ?

You can check a blacklist, but no, from my experience, they are not flagged. They are just datacenter IP’s.

You cannot create unlimited VPS. You get a very low end, small instance. You can put quite a few IP’s on it, not sure how many. You would still need to buy the IP’s

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the limitation here is, how many cards do you have?

and also, can you prevent getting blocked by amazon?

so if you have 5 cards, you can create 5 vps, but you also need to think how to connect to your vps (account) from 5 different IP.

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for the CC is so easy to own new CC
but yes the probleme is in the ip to connect to amazon
and also if i do it by my self it will take to mush time ( really to mush) to creat like 50-100 proxy
so it’s not a good idia :pensive:

some could be, as the service is free people abused it over time. however you can just delete the instance and get a new one in another location if an ip is blacklisted, generally they should be fine though.

you can but it takes time…a lot of it and they might have some checks in place as well at some point.

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thank you so mush sir