American Facebook Friends that Accepts

It’s hard to look for american friends that actually accepts your friend requests. for me personally, i wouldn’t accept someone i do not know. How do you do this guys? How to get targetted friends by countries that actually accepts your friend request?

Only indians are very good on adding my accounts as friends and they are fast to accept friend requests too but the pay is crap if your visitors are from india.



Target Indians in America.

Step two: Profit.

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?? i fail to understand @wortime

are you using female account to send requests or male account?

basically, yeah @cheapadpromo

You can actually extract specific users using facebook advance search. If you don’t know how to use the advance search then I suggest installing this chrome extension. It will help you use advance search for facebook

If you want to solely accept users and not add them then that’s another problem. :smiley:

  1. Use female accounts. Don’t use girls that look too good (models) or too sluty (too much cleavage), as people see that they are fake. Just use the girl next door kind of pics. Everyone would like to be friends with her :wink:

  2. Real girls don’t go around sending friend requests to random people. When a girl sees a guy in a bar, would she hit on him? usually not. but she will look at him and wink or do something to make HIM hit on her.
    Do the same on FB… If your girl will not send out friend requests, but will rather like posts on peoples walls and group posts - you will start getting friend requests from them.

  3. And this is safer, since FB will block you for sending many friend requests if they are not accepted or marked as spam, but FB will not block you for getting many friend requests (just don’t accept all of them at once).


And if you are targeting Indians in America, use an Indian girl and name. Perhaps the accept rate will be higher.

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and make sure she doesn’t look like this :wink:


Maybe thats a good niche, dunno!

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thanks benny for that useful tip.!

For targeting I use this Chrome extension because I can do manual filtering too.

You can target at first 20-30 accounts on your location, and then target theyr friends that are in the same location. do this manual ( you can do in the Find Friends section on facebook ) for around 100 friends ( just don’t do it in 1 h because it will get you for sure banned )

Do some BuzzFeed, Unilad shares and that will give you account proof.

After 100 friends ( all US based - try to target people from the same state-city ) in my cases was easy to target other people and get accepted easy .

Resume : Nice profile picture ( you can try with males too ) - 6-10 photos album ( Delete the exim data- meta data if you are using ones from facebook, as face recognition is a pain in the ars ) - put your current city ( the location of your targets ) - hope for good luck .

If you don’t have good luck with one account just change the location or account content.

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Find one person who accepts them follow his friends. More mutal friends you have easier to get accepted. Better for account as it will tthink.its real coz of mostly mutal friends

Yep, this. The only way to get a good start.